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ambient lights diy

  1. jjfash

    Partial Premium Doesn't Come With Ambient Lights?

    Not sure why this isn't listed on their website when you compare options between the premium and partial premium packages, Ambient Lights isn't mentioned and I am pretty disappointing they are not included with my Partial Premium interior. Has anyone got aftermarket footwell lighting installed...
  2. djgabriel2004

    Upgraded Interior lighting M3... Thoughts?

    I did some upgrades in my Model 3 Ambient Lights. They are controlled from the Main Screen. Ambient light Upgrade M3 What do you think?
  3. invisik

    How to splice into the ambient lighting

    Hi all, I've always thought there should be a light under the cubby..... so I decided to add one, but wanted it to come on and off with the ambient lighting. I asked around to find out where there might be a good place to tap into the ambient lighting circuit, but no one really knew. So last...