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automatic emergency braking

  1. T

    Autopilot Processor Status is "Critical", AP/FSD/TACC/AEB/Lane Keep Assist all non-functioning

    I'm posting to see if anybody else has had a recent similar experience to my own. I was driving my 2021 Model Y on Saturday when FSD decided to completely stop functioning during a right turn on the highway with no prior warning. The EPAS (steering) motor completely disengaged, and I started...
  2. J

    Bang noise from brakes when Automatic Emergency Braking?

    Can anyone please confirm (or deny) whether a bang-like noise from the brakes would be heard when the Automatic Emergency Braking system engages at very low speeds (Model 3)? For example, when the car rolls slightly at traffic lights and a pedestrian rushes towards it, or when it is reversing...
  3. Jerrboyy

    False Positive Automatic Emergency Braking at 80mph

    While driving 80mph on a highway and my lane was clear of traffic in front of me. However, traffic visualization displayed a small sedan in front of my car, adjacent to the semi I was passing. As I approached closer to the false car, automatic emergency braking suddenly engaged and slowed me...
  4. galan

    UK: Model X Automatic Braking - Happy Story

    Tesla Model X automatic brakes stopped two families being crushed by tree in Storm Dennis | Daily Mail Online
  5. SomeJoe7777

    Automatic Emergency Braking for Large Object

    Had a nice demo of AEB today in response to a large object on the road. Westbound Westpark Tollway, Houston TX, just after US-59 to Westpark Tollway exit, there was a large object (plastic planter?) in the right lane. Although I was already moving to the left lane to dodge the object...