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  1. teaston

    Model Y Subwoofer Bass Mod

    One issue I‘ve had with my Model Y compared to my old Model 3 is that there’s hardly any bass at all from the audio system, it wasn’t amazing in the M3, but it was noticeably better than the MY. If I turn the bass and sub sliders all the way up then there is some bass, but it’s very muddy...
  2. B

    Tesla audio build DIY

    These guys did an amazing job hiding the subwoofers underneath the storage in the trunk. This video shows how to do a bass build on a model Y I’m going to try to do it my self this weekend got all the stuff I need now.
  3. A

    Sound System Upgrade

    Hi Model S Community! I recently purchased a used 2016 85D Model S directly from Tesla and the first thing I noticed was the poor audio quality (bass especially) in comparison to my 2009 BMW 650i. I was wondering if anyone has ever upgraded the sound system directly through Tesla or if they...
  4. Max Headroom

    Audio quality after 19.16.2 update?

    Has anyone else experienced a degradation of audio quality after the 16.2 update along with reduced bass and a nearly ineffective bass equalizer slider? My "premium sound system" is compromised yet again after a software upgrade and it's especially noticeable when playing "classic rock" songs.