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body panel

  1. P

    Interior Front Tire Panel Loose - should I just shove it in?

    I just purchased a used 2016 MS 90D and noticed only on the interior panel in front of the tire, the rubber flap and panel has popped out and is not aligned. Wanted to get some feedback before I just try to shove it incorrectly and break things more. I did try to gently wobble it, and an...
  2. EVPartsSol

    Vendor Tesla Battery Modules and Full packs! *Independence Day Sale*

    Hello all! We currently have an overstock in with our battery modules and we are going to be running a promotion! We are taking $500 off our packs for a short time only! Everyone here at TMC will get early access to this deal WHILE SUPPLIES LAST We are also discounting other items in our...
  3. Troglodytes

    Wrap now or wrap later when the SC/body shop needs to do rectification

    145xx VIN picked up about a week ago. Sent Tesla email with list of defects before 3 days/100 miles; I was told that they will review the issues and get back to me on what they can do/are willing to do as 'goodwill'. SC appointment scheduled for three plus weeks out from today; that was first...
  4. S

    Delivery Check List?

    Hey guys, long time, first time here. I am about to take delivery of my Model 3P-, I guess is what people are calling it on Friday. I went to check out the car today. I wanted to look at the body panels and check the alignment. There was a very wide gap between the back of the rear door and the...
  5. C

    Just a bit sad with minor M3 issues

    Sorry for my ascent and love Tesla as company and M3 as a car but I’m just pissed after paying so much and then find such imperfections and blatant ignorance. Model 3 fan? Me, too.. still.. but be informed buyer and watch this.. Part 1: Part 2: Oh and it’s a “production hell” experience...
  6. AudubonB

    Body panel rivets: 8mm? 9mm? 6.5mm?

    I tried to put the relevant material in the thread-head in order to make it easier for others to perform a future search, as I know this question has come up before: What size diameter are the Model S & X plastic pop-up panel rivets? I'd like to order a good number of them; Amazon has good...