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  1. C

    What's the turnaround times to get a 2019 CA Red Carpool stickers??

    Hi, I mailed out my CA carpool sticker application about the beginning of Feb 2019 and am surprised that my $26 check has not even been cashed yet. I'm starting to wonder if the DMV even received my application. What are the turnaround times you guys have been getting? Anyone received the...
  2. Doutt

    Anyone receive CA carpool stickers in December?

    Just trying to gauge when I should mail my paperwork in for the 2019 CA stickers. Wondering if they are "holding" everything received now until 1-1-19. Mark
  3. J

    No HOV sticker for Model3 ??

    Me and my brother test drove the Model S over the weekend to get the feeling of driving an electric car. We spoke with the sales during the test drive. The sales told us that Model3 will not be able to apply the white HOV sticker. Is that ture?? because one of the biggest reason i want an...
  4. Soulopoulos

    Flights (Airport) to TMC Connect

    Hi Tesla Friends, What's the best airport to fly to from Belgium, Europe and the best way to transfer from the airport to the Hyatt hotel in Santa Clara?
  5. igotzzoom

    Carpool buddy getting new job. Driving Solo in SoCal with ICE. :-(

    Well, I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. One of the people in my carpool from Irvine to El Segundo ended up taking a job closer to home, and won't be carpooling with my group any longer. The other (original) member of my carpool, is going in with a co-worker at 5 a.m. (a little too...
  6. TheAustin

    Various HOV Lane sticker application methods

    Like many people, I was horrified about the idea of placing NY State Clean Pass stickers on my Model S, even though it would let me use the High Occupancy Vehicle Lane of the Long Island Expressway by myself, whenever I wanted to. So, I came up with a solution that has worked out very well...