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charge level

  1. T

    Battery Charge Level Upon Delivery?

    I will be taking a long road trip immediately upon delivery at the service center. Are they likely to have the battery fully charged at the time of pickup?
  2. K

    Home on a hill - regenerative braking

    We live at about 2,500 elevation and my wife works at sea level - so the M3LR is charged (currently limited at around 70%) when she leaves the house - going down the hill she'll get the reduced regen braking alert at some point. Battery is still only at the limited charge amount. Is there any...
  3. DopeGhoti

    Can't charge at home. Optimal charging habits?

    I'm awaiting the arrival of a Model 3 LR/AWD, and am quite excited to be weaned off of gasoline. However, I live at an apartment, and cannot charge my car up overnight. There is, however, a Supercharger near my workplace which I plan to use with a modicum of frequency, but I had a question...
  4. B

    New battery charging tip from service center

    My S75RWD has been losing rated distance at a rate faster than expected, and it only started happening fairly recently. I'm down about 5-7% after 15,000 miles, which I know isn't totally out of the ordinary. But the odd thing, is that sometimes 90% will charge to 210 miles, other times it will...
  5. A

    A question about supercharging, full charging, and and battery health.

    I have been wondering about the optimal way for me to charge my battery when going on long trips. Scenario one: Slow charge to 100% before trip. start at 100%. Drive all the way, battery ends up at 10%. Scenario two: start at 80%. Drive until battery at 40%. Supercharged to 70%. Drive until...
  6. ishareit

    Least stressful and fastest way to do road trips

    I am receiving my new Model S 75 soon and have been reading a lot about road trip strategies to reduce overall charge times and it seems a bit stressful to calculate it all. Maybe things will change once I do a few long distance road trips on it... My question is - what is the least stressful...
  7. Veritas1980

    How low discharge for calibration?

    So I'm one of the fabled apartment dwellers without a charger at home. Or at least I was until last week where we finally had four chargers installed in the parking garage, which makes me incredibly happy! After almost 8 months, this is a great relief. Because of this lack of home charging...