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  1. M

    21+ Refresh Radar Detector Hardwired installation

    Hey guys, I needed to hardwire the V1 in my Plaid X and couldn't really find any info on install/wiring for the refreshed models. Hopefully this post helps the next person out:) PARTS USED: -Valentine V1 (gen2) -Blendmount BV1-2035 -6Ft 14AWG red+black wire -2 Wire taps After installing one...
  2. nickb411

    Radar Detector Mount

    Hi All, I'm picking up my 2017 90D at the end of the week. Step 1 is to get my Escort Max 360 radar detector installed. Because I live in Nebraska, there is no need for a fancy Escort 9500ci because I rarely run into laser here. Normally I've just purchased the appropriate Blendmount for...
  3. Z

    Escort Passport 9500ci Radar Detector and Laser Shifters

    Selling an Escort Passport 9500ci radar detector and laser shifter/scrambler kit. This was professionally installed, removed and in perfect condition. This is the most advanced system Escort offers. GPS enabled, software can be updated via USB port. Paid over $1900 before installation, asking...
  4. tornado

    Escort 8500ci/9500ci or Beltronics STiR on a new Model S?

    Hi there, I'm selling my 2013 Model S (131,000 miles on it!) with the old nosecone that so helpfully housed my 8500ci these past 4 years, and getting a new Model S. Short question - I'm not sure where to put the 8500ci's radar/laser receiver with the new Model S lacking the nosecone! Has...