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  1. ChooseGreen

    How long until used Model S hits base Model 3 prices

    Unfortunately, I had to cancel my Model 3 reservation. I REALLY didn't want to. Funny to think of that evening almost 2.5 years ago stressing out that I couldn't get the website to work for 5 minutes when it first opened. All for not now! Admittedly I was fence-sitting already only because...
  2. lux_cars

    Can I take delivery & sell M3 for a profit?

    I had a reservation for a family member who no longer wishes to purchase the Model 3. I just received an invite to configure and was wondering if I could take delivery and sell for a profit (after accounting for 13% HST) or just transfer the reservation for a cash price? Also, if I take...
  3. N

    Ontario EV Rebates Cancelled July 11, 2018

    Hi all, Like others in Ontario, I'm hoping to co-ordinate my Model 3 purchase to take maximum advantage of all four Ontario EV incentives (i.e. rebate for vehicle, rebate for charger and installation, no PST/GST and free home charging for four years. The window for this may be narrow as some...