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fleet learning

  1. strangecosmos2

    Tesla's large-scale fleet learning

    Tesla has approximately 650,000 Hardware 2 and Hardware 3 cars on the road. Here are the five most important ways that I believe Tesla can leverage its fleet for machine learning: 1. Automatic flagging of video clips that are rare, diverse, and high-entropy. The clips are manually labelled for...
  2. R

    How does fleet learning work?

    I would like to understand better how the self driving features work. I know there is a Deep Neural Network whose structure is generally described in available literature, comprised of something like 37,000,000 neurons. And I know that there is a high resolution map that is being continuously...
  3. AssortedBread

    Tesla MiniBus Design

    Took a crack at a Minibus Design. Will post more pictures (Interior Design/layout, Door Mechanism, front/back view) But forget about that for now, let's talk about what we have here. Tesla seams to have a 1950s design vibe going on, this is best seen in their current supercharger look and model...
  4. R

    Green/red lines in navigation

    At some point since v8, I've noticed that the navigation screen sometimes has green (and occasionally red) lines on roads. Is there any documentation for this? I searched the forums, but didn't find anything. I haven't spent much time trying to figure it out, but it seems that the red...