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  1. ohsnapclick

    The Bandit vs Slipstream Bracket

    Hi All, I’ve read through a lot of the previous discussions on the whole “front license plate solution”..just wanted to hear it out on these two top runners IMO: The Bandit (v2.0) https://www.1975creations.com/product-page/tesla-model-3-front-license-plate-bracket Slipstream ThatGrin.com |...
  2. D

    Front Plate - 3M Auto Tape (like the M3)?

    My understanding is the new Model 3 front plate is being applied with 3M double sided Auto tape. I'm considering doing this on my X for the front plate. I just don't like the look of "the law" and the other option with rods. I'd rather the plate sit where it is designed to be, but don't want...