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garage fit

  1. BenBethel

    Model X Reverse Summon w/FSD into my Garage - what does it see?

    I use reverse summon and summon to get my 2020 Model X Long Range Plus w/FSD - my garage has about 6" of clearance on each side, but often it wants to steer right or left and crash into my garage... this also happened with my previous 2016 Model X P100DL+ with FSD... ARGH. I've had it totally...
  2. B

    Self parking in a very tight garage - doable?

    Hi everybody, My wife is taking delivery of our Stealth tomorrow. We had agreed that we wouldn't even try to park it in our tiny tiny garage. I'd be too scared to try to park it in there. I used to own an old Accord and it was a nightmare. But then wife smartly asked: what about that...
  3. Ed Hart

    Model X Garage Fit

    A number of Model X owners have expressed problems in using the Falcon Wing doors inside their garages. Let me pass on my own situation, hoping it might apply to others. 1. Our garage doors of the traditional five-panel rollup design. When these needed to be replace, we chose three-panel doors...