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  1. I

    SF Bay Area Residents - Are You Really Saving Money vs Gas?

    One of the main reasons for recently purchasing the LR AWD Model 3 was to save on gas, especially compared to our gas guzzling SUV. My wife and I don't have a terribly long commute and will probably only drive it about 8,000 - 10,000 miles per year. I live in the East Bay, where it gets pretty...
  2. jebinc

    EV's being considered "Green"

    First, I'll start off by saying I love my Model 3 and that it doesn't burn dead dinosaurs. I often hear/read how going EV is the responsible "Green" thing to do to save the planet, etc. My question is this, is it really "Green" or just a means to push the pollution further "up stream" in the...
  3. fasteddie7

    Trade in experience/ advice of a ICE for your Tesla

    I searched the threads for information on trade ins but all I see were threads on trading in Teslas. Does anyone have any experience with trading in their internal combustion vehicle for a Tesla. I currently own a Nissan I have 11 months left on. How easy / fair is the process through Tesla...
  4. W

    Thought of selling our Model S but the economics of the alternatives made us keep it

    My wife and I decided to sell our Model S after having it for 10 months thus far. We drive minimum 40,000 mile/year. The reason we bought the car in the first place was due to gas prices and the amount we drive per year. Here's where it gets bad. We do some calculations 15mpg $3/gal...
  5. Forty Creek

    Cheap Gas vs. Supercharging

    Gas stations in our area have been incredibly busy lately, thanks to cheap fuel prices. People love a bargain at the pumps. I strongly suspect that if you offered most drivers a free fill up in exchange for an extra 15 minute wait time, the line ups would be staggering. Superchargers take a...
  6. ElectricAvenue

    When were you last at a gas station?

    I got my MS back in June 2013 and I haven't been to a gas station yet, that's almost 10 months! This obviously is for all the times I have spent not in my car but in others including wife's ICE and company cars. When were you last at a gas station? Who has the longest record?