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  1. D

    Headrest Adjustment on 2020

    Just got upgraded from 2018 to 2020. for the life of me, cannot figure out how to raise the driver's headrest. does not work like my 2018 where you when you hit the circular button, menu pops up for headrest/lumbar adjustment. btw: 2020 - 5 seater
  2. J

    Headrest bubbling and other issues, theories and testing

    Hey everyone! Joel here, I have a Tesla Model 3, and have driven about 30000 miles on it, and over the past 10000 miles I have noticed that my headrest has started to bubble. I don't use any hair product. Now I have some theories, that I want to propose. If anyone else has this issue, please...
  3. S

    Head rests - so narrow and far forward

    The headrests are one of the strangest design decisions in my opinion. They jut forward into your head and are extremely narrow. I think they would be especially annoying for a front seat passenger who wanted to recline and take a nap to balance their head on that 6 inch wide section. I read...
  4. Reekdog

    Embroidered logo alternative for headrests

    I saw a photo of a pearl white ms somewhere in this forum with tan interior that had the "T" logo in the headrest. It really set off the look of the interior and I believe the owner said it wasn't embroidered. Anyone else do this to their headrests (pictures please) or have any know which member...