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hpwc 72a

  1. suegie

    WTB: HPWC Gen 1 or Signature Gen 2 or Gen 3

    Looking for a replacement HPWC. Need the 80amp charge, not the 48amp. Also need the portable charging cable Gen 1 and NEMA 1450 adapter.
  2. ctn531

    HPWC Wiring: Is conduit required in crawlspace?

    Between my breaker panel and my garage there is a 40' run of crawlspace. I have a 90A breaker and 2AWG wire running to my HPWC. I will use conduit for the run in the garage leading up to the HPWC. But how about inside the crawlspace (between my breaker panel and garage)? Is conduit required...
  3. MacBenTosh

    Tesla HPWC Corded Install

    Made a video of my corded Tesla HPWC install.
  4. balefire

    HPWC charging speed for Model X

    I purchased my HPWC almost 3.5 years ago for my old Model S. I was able to charge my Model S at 63 mi/hr at 80amps Apparently I can only charge my new Model X at 72amps max. To 72 A or not to 72 A? How fast is the maximum I can charge my Model X theoretically? 51 mi/hr? Why can't the Model X...