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hpwc silver

  1. SynapticAcid

    Tesla Wall Connector/Charger (HPWC) for Home Charging (NoVA/DC) - $450

    BRAND NEW (UNOPENED/UNUSED) Tesla Wall Connector/Charger (High Powered Wall Connector-HPWC) for Home Charging Silver, 8.5' Cable Description: A Tesla Wall Connector is the most convenient way to charge at your home or office - with the fastest recharge speeds. Simply plug in overnight and wake...

    HPWC: Silver vs Black

    I am about to order one, however, does anybody know if there are internal differences between the two? I'm assuming there is more to them then just a color change, otherwise, i would think they could have just made different skins for color preference. I know the silver is the older version...