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key west

  1. Not1Drop

    Planning a U.S. road trip - Toronto to Key West

    Looking at planning a family road trip from just north of Toronto to Key West, primarily planning to go down 75 via the 401 to Detroit and return up 95 etc to come back through either Watertown or Buffalo. First question, can anyone share their experience(s)? While I've certainly met lots of...
  2. DavidB

    Key West HPWC is now on 24/7.

    The HPWC mounted on the side of the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center in Key West is now on 24/7. The policy change (to leave it on) was established about a week ago, but no one got around to removing the padlock. I'm happy to report that the padlock has been removed. Parking is free, but...