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lease loan

  1. B

    New customer - Co-restraint email sign up/license issue

    Hello my new family. Hopefully. I ordered a tesla model 3 that will be delivered this Saturday. I am in long island ny. My co-restraint and i are stuck, my co-restraints link is not letting him add his photo id and SSC info. When we press manage in the picture below it only refreshes the page...
  2. bewilderman

    2019 Model X Raven: Lease or Finance?!

    Hey guys. Trying to decide between leasing vs. financing for the Raven X I have on order. I am leaning towards financing for the following reason. 2019 Model X Raven, Long Range, Midnight Silver, black Interior, 7 seater, FSD. MSRP: 96,690 (inclusive of Destination and Documentation) LEASE...
  3. smilepak

    US Bank end of Lease

    I'm about a year away from end of lease and received a letter from US Bank notifying such. It state one of the option is trade in and another is purchase. They said call for promotion offers. I am curious what everyone experience with their Tesla on these leases 1. Did they give you an...
  4. P

    Leasing and federal tax credit

    How is federal tax credit applied to a 36 month lease?
  5. Raincloud

    Buying vs. Lease (Again but with a twist)

    Looked at some threads on this and I think I have a little unique question. I run a small business and am able to benefit from deductions/depreciations. Planning to get a MX any day now and can't figure out whether to Lease or Buy. Ran numbers with my CPA and he says technically both give...