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li-ion battery

  1. R

    What's inside Li-ion cell (pouch or cylindrical) ?

    I noticed some confusion regarding pouch vs cylindrical cells, especially when the Journal of Electrochemistry paper describing the cell chemistry that would be able to power an EV for 1 million miles. paper: A Wide Range of Testing Results on an Excellent Lithium-Ion Cell Chemistry to be used...
  2. Brando

    solarstatos - solar powered max altitude 75,000 feet = 22860 meters

    The plane – SolarStratos THE AIRPLANE AT A GLANCE Length 8.5 meters Wingspan 24.9 meters Weight 450 kg Autonomy more than 24 hours Propulsion propeller, 2.2 m, 4 blades Engine electrical, max. 32 kW / 2200 rpm Engine efficiency 90% Two seater in tandem Energy solar Solar cells 22 m2 Cells...