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open source

  1. Z

    Say hello to an FSD/AP alternative, Comma Openpilot; OSS vehicle autonomy

    Greetings, I've been around the comma community since 2019 or so. I was a contributor for a few years and decided to pick up a Model 3 as Toyota is starting to lock down CAN, anyway. I'm not very impressed by AP's performance and while single stack in the future may improve the 95% use case...
  2. mspohr

    Tesla to open source their security software

    Tesla will open its security code to other car manufacturers Tesla might just get into the habit of releasing source code for its in-car tech. Elon Musk has signaled his intention to post the source code for Tesla's car security software, letting any automaker roll it into their own machines...
  3. Kenriko

    Vendor Open Source DIY Model 3 Console Wrap Template

    Kenrik/Model-3-Vinyl-Wrap-Template The project is hosted on Github with a GPL v3 Licence. If you have any questions here is the place to post them. This template should be compatible with most Vinyl Plotters on the market including commercial brands like Roland and Graphtec as well as consumer...
  4. Zygote

    SparkMap for iOS - Out now!

    Hey all! When I got my Tesla Model S a year ago I was a bit disappointed with the lacklustre find-a-charging-station apps for iOS so I decided to make my own. I decided to use OpenChargeMap's API as it imports data from numerous other API's for countries around the world. However, being...
  5. Fritts

    Energy saving business idea.

    In the spirit of Tesla's commitment to improving society, I have an open source idea for any builders/businessmen out there: There's an old quip about a salesman being so good that he 'could sell ice cream to eskimos'. Oddly enough, that quote is 100% true. Every person who can afford a...