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  1. J

    I need some help deciding on what to do in this situation

    I got my MYP recently, then 3 days later I hit a deer, the car seemed just fine to drive, so I continued to do so while I wait for my insurance to give me an estimate for the shop, very little damage (idk how to post photos here yet, sorry) So 5 days go by, and on the fifth day my windshield...
  2. RNHurt

    Just installed Cross Climate 2

    My 2020 MY just got it's first new set of tires; 20" Cross Climate 2. So far, I like them. I don't do a lot of highway miles and I work from home and don't have a set route that I take every day, so I'll probably never know if they affect my range at all. Most days I never get below 60%...
  3. E

    Money for EAP/FSD worth it for robo taxi?

    I’m looking at buying a M3 and trying to figure out the best financial decision for autopilot (more features = more money). It’s not super important to me right now to have full autopilot as I don’t mind driving, especially in a car as fun as a Tesla! But I’m wondering with Elon’s vision of...
  4. D

    Window tine

    Hi I'm planning on tinting my model 3 tomorrow. Was gonna do the rear glass 5 percent all the way to the top. Was wondering if anyone has done this, and what are your thoughts since Ik the comes tinted. Is it too dark on the top, of is it fine. Also was gona do 5 percent on the back side windows...
  5. Electric Joe

    Software 8.0 Likes/Dislikes for Pre-Autopilot Model S

    Like Flash drives are not called "USB1" and "USB2" but instead show the volume name of the device. The turn-by-turn navigation in the instrument display zooms out when I'm driving fast, showing more of the map and zooms in as I slow. It also has a small vertical visual indicator showing how...