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  1. benjiejr

    Light Painting and Rolling Shot

    This past weekend I went downtown San Antonio in the early morning hours with a photographer friend of mine, Bobby Benavides. Wish I could have showed more of how the light painting was done but he preferred that to retain some mystery. I know the videos are dark and amateur but hopefully it...
  2. C

    Tesla Vehicle Photo Shoot!

    Hello all! I received a response a few months ago in regards to a few samples that a few upper-leveled representatives were interested in seeing. They were immediately amazed by sheer ingenuity and design of a few previous projects that I've worked on. They asked one question, "Can we do this...
  3. B

    Pretty cool look behind the scenes from the photographer who shoots for Tesla!

    Saw this pop up on the TeslaEverything facebook page, very cool blog by the guy who shot the promo pictures for Tesla! Amazing work! Definitely worth a read! :cool: A bit off topic but he also shoots some amazing photos for FormulaD if anyone here is into drifting :biggrin...