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  1. Q

    No new features since December: A New Tesla Strategy?

    Well, like it says on the tin. I’ll add a poll. Seems like we have gone a while without Tesla squirting out even a turd as far as new features go, and although I’m a relative new comer to how Tesla does things (may 2019) I have become accustomed to receiving regular feature updates. Clearly...
  2. Vancouver ClearBra

    Vendor Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra *New Website*

    Wanted to update y'all on our new website Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra where we've just designed a brand new website to help educate / share our stories with our Tesla clients through updates, pictures and videos of our Tesla vehicle protection services for you amazing Tesla clients in the...
  3. F

    Vendor Our monthly post from a new detailing vendor, thanks!

    Most geeky car detailers like us will chuckle to ourselves when we hear someone say, "It shines like it was on the showroom floor!" because inside we're saying "...really, that bad huh?" This isn't a knock against people who think their brand new cars are shiny enough right off the showroom...