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rear quarter panel

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    Any aerodynamic mud guards?

    Hi All, I know there are a lot of mudflap/mudguard/ rear quarter panel protection threads. Of all of the options available, I can only find two basic styles, flat, or concave. What I'm wondering is, has anyone seen an option that is slightly flared or convex, such that it directs air and road...
  2. J

    Rear Quarter Panel Damage Assessment

    hi guys/gals.. I reversed into a guard rail a little bit too fast. completely at fault. I hate myself.. - Clips were pushed out undamaged. - Very slight/minimal scratches - Rear qtr panel is dented in about 1 1/2in For anyone that can give me any insightful information/advice on my situation. I...
  3. 20170731_141406


    Hit rear quarter panel just in front of rear wheel on a curb at low speed by turning too sharply in a parking lot.
  4. 20170731_141426


    Hit rear quarter panel just in front of rear wheel seems to have broken aluminum internally.