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roadster 2.5

  1. scotty2541

    Roadster 2.5 - Vin 1277 Failure - ID981 State Transition Fault

    Hello, Yesterday I got up to find the vehicle would attempt to charge, then stop with an ID 981 "State Transition Fault" after about 5 seconds. Then about 10 seconds later, it would try again. The charge screen would show something ridiculously small, like 37 volts, on the HPC. Long before it...
  2. DeedWest

    Late-2011 Roadster 2.5 - Very Orange - Fully Optioned - 26K Miles - Impeccable Shape

    Hello all. I am facilitating the sale of a 2011 Roadster 2.5 for a very good friend of mine, per his request. I have owned several Roadsters over 6+ years now, and I have not found a more complete and flawless spec Roadster out there. It has been meticulously maintained and upgraded in...
  3. scotty2541

    Looking for a GSM antenna for my 2.5

    Does anyone have an old GSM antenna, or can recommend a source to buy one? I have damaged my antenna, while attempting to R&R the radio. The antenna is only a PCB in a case, with the coax soldered to it. A replacement PCB is all I would need, I can easily solder the replacement. Fabricating...
  4. scotty2541

    Service failed me AGAIN - ISO a windshield for Roadster 2.5

    So, this happened the other day, right in the driver side. My insurance filled out the claim, and connected me with one of their "approved" repair companies. They put in a call and email to Tesla. Over a week later, no one has responded. This is typical of the horrible service that Tesla...
  5. S

    2011 2.5 Roadster $30,000

    Jet Black with beige executive leather interior with premium seats. 101,635 miles but battery still gives 159 miles/charge Located in southern California 159 miles/charge Located in Southern California
  6. tvuolo

    Roadster cast aluminum wheels

    I'm looking for the 2 rear cast aluminum wheels for a Roadster. They can be beat up, as long as they are round. I just need them for the track. If the TPMS sensors are missing or are the wrong sensors for my 1.5, that's OK -- I don't mind bypassing the warning for a few days / year. If you...
  7. Chickenlittle

    2011 red Roadster 2.5 Sport. Impeccable condition

    Full listing on shift.com. Go on site and pick Washington D.C. Site. Price is negotiable and you can call me in addition to shift if questions. Great car but I had a stroke and unable to drive it. My bad luck could be your opportunity