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  1. S

    How to make the Navigation more accurate

    Hey folks. I love the layout of our navigation, but the accuracy has a lot to be desired. My navigation doesn’t recognize some main roads, particularly when they go under a highway overpass, and makes it nearly impossible for the system to route in the most direct and efficient manner. This...
  2. UncaNed

    Charging map showing directions for trip planning?

    I'm planning a trip that includes minor roads, but google maps doesn't show charging stations; where can I find a website like google maps that shows me the charging stations so I can plan my route without having to leave the office and use my Tesla navigation system?
  3. M

    Charging along east coast trip to Washington,DC

    i am planning a trip to D.C. and my navigation routes me from Rochester, NY to D.C. Taking 9 + hours. Normally, this is 6+ hours. On a map, it appears there may be a shorter route, but can't reroute navigation map to explore timing. Suggestions? If I can't shorten the trip, I may have to fly.
  4. W

    Optimized charging stations planning

    Is there anything Tesla or 3rd party applications / organizations that provide suggestions for charging stations for the most efficient use of time during trips that also takes into considering how long you can wait at each charge? I believe Tesla is working on an integrated way of doing this on...
  5. Robecology

    Great website for planning trips w/Tesla/electric veh.

    EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page Posts map; click on links get addresses for charging stations. If you enter route is counts stations available en route. Robecology