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sandy munro

  1. hridge2020

    Munro Associates getting a New Model Y with 4860 cells for teardown & visiting IDRA for Giga Press review

    Just watch this video, talked about, Plaid Model S Battery Teardown and Big Announcement!! At approx: 26:20 approx. on video. Announcement given; Picking up a New Model Y from Giga Texas for teardown. (Main focus Battery Pack, Motors & Castings review) Also, talk about OEM's purchasing removed...
  2. 3PHASE

    Sandy Claus (Munro) coming to town! (Laurel, MD)

    Sandy Claus is coming to Maryland December 10 @ 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm https://marylandtesla.com/event/sandy-claus-is-coming-to-maryland/
  3. S

    Sandy Munro’s view on Cybertruck

    Did a search and didn’t see this mentioned yet. Sandy Munro did a segment interview just the other day with Alex Guberman on E for Electric.
  4. S

    Sean Mitchell interview with Sandy Munro 8-18-19, covers Model 3 manufacturing

    Sean Mitchell posted this interview on August 18, 2019 with Sandy Munro and Mark Ellis (Munro & Associates) which covers Model 3 manufacturing, Model Y wiring and EV competition. Don't recall seeing it mentioned. The talking points and time stamp are listed if you go view on YouTube directly.
  5. S

    Sandy Munro is at it again saying how great Model 3 is

    Saw this Teslarati article tonight on Sandy Munro and Mark Ellis' (Munro & Associates) Model 3 motor review and it's comparison to the Chevy Bolt, BMW i3 and Jaguar I-Pace. The report is not released yet but quite the glowing summary of it so far, at least as far as the Model 3 goes. Apparently...
  6. S

    New Sandy Munro interview on Model 3 (2/28/19)

    There's a new Sandy Munro (Munro & Associates) interview with Alex Guberman as of today. Just sitting down to listen to it now. One of the first questions asked was about the fact that seemingly all of the legacy automakers are having delays in their release dates for one reason or another...
  7. Brando

    Model 3 Powertrain by Steve Bakker

    May 28, 2018 - Clean Technica Tesla Model 3 Powertrain Fun. From Carburetors To Carborundum. You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby! Best I have read so far. Pictures from Sandy Munro Model 3 evaluation. Tesla Model 3 Powertrain Fun. From Carburetors To Carborundum. You've Come A Long Way, Baby! |...