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section 179

  1. T

    Section 179 tax benefit question

    I'm SURE this question has been asked on this forum...probably a thousand times, but I have searched and can't find my answer. I am a small business owner and am interested in purchasing a Model X while using the 179 tax benefit. I understand that the vehicle needs to be used for business...
  2. MelaniainLA

    Business owners in US can buy a new Model X for less than a Model 3

    So I had started a thread on the recent Trump tax plan (passed late 2017), effective this year, which allows business owners to IMMEDIATELY deduct (no depreciation) up to 100% of the value of a Model X as a business vehicle from their federal income taxed in the year of purchase. That said, the...
  3. MelaniainLA

    Model X IRS 100% Deduction “Hummer Loophole” - 2018 Edition

    I’m creating a new thread on this issue since the old thread was about 2017 rules and got confusing. Since there’s been some confusion around this and I just typed the following up for someone else in a PM, thought I’d clarify the new rules under the Trump Tax Law that would enable up to 100%...
  4. MelaniainLA

    Time running out for Model X 2017 *massive* business-use tax deduction

    Hi everyone, As some of you are aware from previous threads here and on Forums and Reddit, because the Model X has a weight (GVWR, which is printed on a sticker on inside of frame on driver's door) of greater than 6000 lbs, it qualifies as a commercial heavy-duty vehicle, not as a passenger...