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shipping wheels

  1. Transformer

    How to get my car home from the service center?

    Finally taking a road trip, my Model 3 LR broke down on the freeway outside Azalea, Oregon. Fortunately there was cellular coverage and the A/C worked. The tow truck arrived in 3 hours then took us and the car 200 miles to the Portland service center. The next morning, the service center...
  2. M

    Looking for Model X 22 black wheel set

    would prefer referral link but willing to pick up in Seattle or Vancouver BC, otherwise ship to Blaine WA 98230.
  3. A

    Shipping 21' Grey Turbine Rims & Tires

    Hi there, wondering if anyone has shipped these cross country before and would have any particular methods of shipping they recommend? I tried going through Shipnex air, but it seems the weight of the rims/tires is beyond what is allowable. Would air/ground freight be a better option? Open to...