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smart air

  1. G

    Smart Air Suspension

    For vehicles that do not have it, is the only ride height the equivalent to the lowest setting with the SAS? or do SAS vehicles get lower than the vehicles without it?
  2. BZM3

    Amazon Alexa Voice Commands

    Hi All - has anyone had any luck setting up Alexa Voice Commands? To clarify, this would be for use OUTSIDE of the car. For example, when I am about to leave my house, I would like to say "Alexa please get my car ready" or some sort of command which could prepare the air conditioning. I have...
  3. SpeedRacerM5

    2013 MS 85 / 19k Miles / Deep Metallic Blue / $49,900 OBO / Rebuilt / 90d Warranty / Price Reduced

    Hi everyone, ** This is my second posting of the car. I've decided to drop the price and provide more detail about the car's history. I've also included more pictures via the link below. For sale is a Deep Metallic Blue 2013 Model S 85. The car was purchased at an insurance auction in Dec 2015...
  4. SpeedRacerM5

    2013 Model S 85, 13,689 miles, Metallic Blue

    Hi guys, I'm selling a Deep Metallic Blue 2013 Model S 85. The car is a two owner and has been taken great care of. The battery performs very well and reaches 265 miles on a 100-percent charge. I have only range charged it twice for very long trips and it's normally kept no more than 90-percent...
  5. chriSharek

    Smart Air - worth the $2,500 upgrade from coils?

    I'm ready to give up the smart air suspension in order to upgrade to the 85D with coils. Will I regret that? I drove two cars back to back the other day and I felt the SAS was a little floaty for my liking. Ironically I drove an P85D with the smart air suspension. I tried a couple of...