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spoiler install

  1. Tesery

    Tesla Model Y Spoiler - Best Carbon Fiber Spoilers

    The standard Tesla Model Y trunk lid can feel a little monotonous without a lip spoiler. While it’s certainly a sharp-looking rear end, it may not have the visual appeal that you’re looking for as a Tesla owner. With a spoiler for the Model Y, you can give Tesla a more performance-oriented look...
  2. Sanderpman12

    Model S high kick spoiler?

    Hi all, I have the regular carbon fiber spoiler on my 2013 model s. Looking for anywhere that sells a high kick spoiler for a 2013 model s? Thanks!
  3. S

    Spoiler adhesive part#?

    I got some 3M automotive adhesive, but I wonder if the adhesive strip that comes with the spoiler has its own part number and if I can order it. It would make the re-install a little easier. Any ideas?
  4. S

    Spoiler coming loose; what 3M tape to get?

    My spoiler is loosening up at the edges. I had it custom wrapped, so I don't want Tesla to just come and replace it. I'd rather take it off, clean it up and mount it myself. What 3M automotive tape do I need to get for this? I found mounting "foam tape", "molding tape", and "attachment tape".
  5. professortech

    Ceramic Coating before or after OEM Spoiler install?

    As title suggests, I have an OEM carbon fiber spoiler I'm planning to have the service center install on my Model S. I'm also very interested in doing a ceramic coating on my Model S (not the spoiler). I'm not sure which order would be best? I'm assuming ceramic install first could make the...