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    How can I encourage insurance to declare a total loss on my Model 3?

    I ran over a hard solid object on a winding road. Preliminary repair estimates are already $21k to have the high voltage battery replaced. Tesla service is telling me that they dont know if there are other yet-to-be discovered issues with the car, such as suspension, wheel alignment, etc. I...
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    USAA auto insurance renewal - 29% increase on Comp & Collision

    I have USAA auto insurance for my Model 3 (LR RWD). On my upcoming renewal, both Comprehensive Loss and Collision Loss portions of the premium increased by 29%. Liability and Uninsured Motorists coverage portions remained more or less the same. I wonder why physical damage coverage to my car...
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    Tesla Roadside Assistance Policy - Comparable to USAA's?

    I bought a new Model 3 last July, and I believe it comes w/roadside assistance for 4 years or 50K miles, whichever comes first. Link to Tesla Policy. Is Tesla's road assistance benefit comparable to what's generally provided by auto insurance policies (in particular, USAA in my case)? I...