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  1. D

    Does anyone here have evidence/links that Tesla's batteries/material sourcing will not qualify after March for the ITC?

    Here is a Reuters article I found from December speculating that to receive half of the ITC at least 40% of the batteries must be sourced from the US. Does anyone know if Tesla already meets that standard? U.S. Treasury will delay EV battery sourcing guidance until March Right now the Tesla...
  2. B

    Urban Race : Electric Trike vs. Car

    Hi, We're a small team developing new type of electric vehicle - called ''Narcine''. We tried to race the prototype of our electric trike against a car in rush hour Sofia, Bulgaria. The trike is low power - 500W, 25km/h limited, with no pedal assist and the distance we had to cover was about...
  3. fasteddie7

    Trade in experience/ advice of a ICE for your Tesla

    I searched the threads for information on trade ins but all I see were threads on trading in Teslas. Does anyone have any experience with trading in their internal combustion vehicle for a Tesla. I currently own a Nissan I have 11 months left on. How easy / fair is the process through Tesla...