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  1. akenham

    Is vampire drain still a thing?

    It is completely fine to leave it plugged in AFAIK but the key difference here is about the lack of use (see musings below). As jjrandorin implies the car won’t constantly micro charge (e.g. from 89.5% to 90%) but will wait until it has dropped a few percent then charge back up to your set...
  2. akenham

    Rain Water Ingress at Boot / Trunk Seal - problem & fix [Model 3 AWD 2020]

    [mods: I saw there are 2 recent threads - one in June appears to be about driving through water which is not the same and one several months old which might be similar but no conclusion. Feel free to merge if you see fit] TL;DR I wanted to report the problem I had, the fix and good customer...
  3. akenham

    inside sidewall tire damage

    I have seen vertical cuts in tyres from driving over potholes on my wife’s 19 inch low profile BMW tyres, but they are usually accompanied by a bulge - more often than not the bulge is present and the cut is not. Given your description of how the car is garaged and that the damage keeps...
  4. akenham

    Is vampire drain still a thing?

    My 2020 AWD (sentry not enabled at home, no Tesla or other app e.g. Teslafi use to potentially wake it, no opening of doors) looses very little - it takes 2-3 days to loose 1% which aligns with the lower estimates above of 1 mile per day in this thread. Today, despite some door openings to...
  5. akenham

    Torn Between Dual Motor LR and Performance [resolved]

    Tesla has always undersold the AWD (by using standing start 0-60 figures for the awd Vs the more standard 1 foot rollout on performance). The poster above is right - it's about 0.5s difference in reality and perf is the same at higher speeds. I don't know how the extra 0.5s feels in terms of...
  6. akenham

    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    See also the sticky thread on acceleration boost which likely goes over this too https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/master-thread-acceleration-boost-option-discussion-as-to-which-models-and-how-much-quicker.178269/unread (moderator note: posts moved into master thread mentioned. Thanks...
  7. akenham

    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    Mountain pass performance tested it here https://cleantechnica.com/2018/08/20/mountain-pass-performance-tests-tesla-model-3-power-at-different-states-of-charge-cleantechnica-exclusive/
  8. akenham

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Tthe 5% you refer to is likely the blue coloured part of the battery that is currently unavailable due to cold (snowflake icon) given recent conditions in the UK. It's not lost - it's just unavailable as the battery is cold. In context, without sentry and waking the car (app use, opening...
  9. akenham

    MASTER THREAD: 2021 Model 3 - Charge data, battery discussion etc

    The battery temperatures are much lower affecting performance - I think Bjorn pointed out that the heatpump seems to be sucking possibly too much heat out. You'd imagine they'll correct this in software although I guess it's a trade between perf and efficiency but the sub 30% figures don't...
  10. akenham

    USB drive sticks out in front CC compartment. Low profile USB-C available?

    I think you can partition a larger drive to have a teslacam and music partition - you could then keep this in your glove compartment USB. Should be easy to test on your existing one before you commit to buying a larger drive.
  11. akenham

    Model 3 Stability/Drift

    Very much agreed - I won't buy full winters again. As you say all season would be perfect in the UK unless you live somewhere very hilly and/or further North. I will still switch over to summers but it'll be nice to not feel the pressure to do it as soon as temps rise, and a bonus for the...
  12. akenham

    Model 3 Stability/Drift

    My AWD M3 exhibits very similar "bolted on rails" good behaviour to my previous 4matic Mercedes. I suspect it's adopting much the same approach too - first "level" of SC is quite moderate making use of 4wd (reduce / shift power delivery between axles) and only if you exceed that do you feel full...
  13. akenham

    New to Model 3

    To put some numbers on it this thread from wugz gives some values for the Model 3 AWD Peak Power vs. State of Charge and there's some quite nice charts from Mountain Pass Performance for the LR RWD here As wugz says in the first link: "you're not significantly down on power by daily charging...
  14. akenham

    Model 3 vs Model Y: Why both?

    For me the handling, size and efficiency pointed to a model 3 rather than waiting for a Y in the UK I rarely need more cargo space but when I do I have a roof box and factory tow bar.
  15. akenham

    Off-peak Hours confusion…

    Good summary - one minor correction: You don't even have to click "charge now" when at a public charger - scheduled charging is [1] geofenced so that the car remembers this applies to your home address(es) and begins charging right away elsewhere. [1] not re-tested since 2020.48.x since UK is...

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