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    True. I might throw my name into the hat anyways. I probably won't try to game the 7 day trial to get in though. Too much hassle. If my (and my husband's) driving style is deemed too "unsafe", oh well.
  2. Az_Rael


    I suspect this is going to go poorly, depending on how actively Tesla is going to monitor folks once they are in the Beta and how quickly they kick them out if they are misusing the system. I just saw a post on Reddit from a person who had requested beta access and in that same post admitted...
  3. Az_Rael

    MIT study on glance behavior when using Autopilot

    Looks like the story is being picked up in a few more places. https://www.engadget.com/tesla-drivers-become-inattentive-when-using-autopilot-study-finds-072247148.html? https://techcrunch.com/2021/09/20/mit-study-finds-tesla-drivers-become-inattentive-when-autopilot-is-activated/
  4. Az_Rael

    Break in without breaking glass?

    Did you use the keycard to unlock the car? I believe the car will not auto lock if the keycard was used to unlock the car on the previous drive. It is a good idea to turn on the horn beep for walk away lock to make sure the car always locks.
  5. Az_Rael

    MIT study on glance behavior when using Autopilot

    https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0001457521003791?via%3Dihub Thought this was an interesting study, sorry if I missed a prior thread on it. I am not too surprised with the conclusions, I suspect Level 2 automation can be human factors nightmare, which is I believe one...
  6. Az_Rael

    Extended Service Warranty

    Is you car out of the original warranty period and into the extended warranty? I presume you purchased the extended warranty. If so, to use it, there is a $200 deductible when you take your car in for service. If you dig up your extended warranty agreement, it spells it out there. Now, if...
  7. Az_Rael

    Help Please! Wine Spill Smell - Even after interior detail/shampoo

    Try an ozone generator. Some detail shops should offer the service or you can buy one yourself. Just don't run it for very long and use precautions to air out the ozone once done. I have used one in my 3 for the cabin air filter funk and it worked well.
  8. Az_Rael

    FSD Transfer and Camax

    I would try and get CarMax to include FSD on the vehicle purchase sheet. That way if Tesla tries to claw it back later, you can take it up with CarMax and CarMax can go after Tesla. In my experience, CarMax has better customer service than Tesla. You can at least talk to people on the phone.
  9. Az_Rael

    U.S. opens formal safety probe for Autopilot - 2021 Aug 16

    Different agencies. NHTSA is the one with teeth to enforce policy, NTSB does not. NHTSA is also more influenced by manufacturers lobbying when making their rules, though. So it may depend on how much or well Tesla can lobby them.
  10. Az_Rael

    U.S. opens formal safety probe for Autopilot - 2021 Aug 16

    The San Diego photo appears to be a model Y based on that rear end. Miami: hard to tell, but those look like the Model 3 sport wheels Michigan: Model 3 or Y based on the view of the center screen visible in the photo Texas: Model X, unknown AP North Carolina: pre-facelift S, unknown AP Arizona...
  11. Az_Rael

    U.S. opens formal safety probe for Autopilot - 2021 Aug 16

    I don't think they will limit action to just AP1. AP2 is also weak on detecting stopped vehicles, so I could see them forcing a geofence for all autosteer cars. Now, what that would do to those of use who purchased FSD? I guess Tesla would finally be able to use their "regulation" get out...
  12. Az_Rael

    Is Tesla only good for local driving?

    We just finished a road trip from CA to rural NM where my in-laws live in our S. It was "harder" than taking an ICE, since you did have to plan the stops pretty well, and some supercharger locations suck for food/convenience stores, making it so you had to stop twice to get food or walk thru...
  13. Az_Rael

    Model 3 has no spare tire

    I have better luck with Discount/America's Tire for in stock Tesla tires. And they are pretty common stores. For your hypothetical Yosemite scenario, the Merced America's Tire has the 19" tires for my Model 3 in stock, (although not a brand I prefer, but one that would get me going). Sure I...
  14. Az_Rael

    MASTER THREAD: FSD Subscription Available 16 Jul 2021

    I am not so sure. During the autonomy day presentation they talked about how they were constrained when designing the HW3 computer because it HAD to be retrofittable. They stated HW4 didn’t have those constraints. Not sure if the guy giving that presentation still works at Tesla though...
  15. Az_Rael

    MASTER THREAD: FSD Subscription Available 16 Jul 2021

    They didn’t add the safety language until later. Nevertheless, there is an argument that Tesla needs to deliver the features within a reasonable timeframe within the life of the car. A court would have to decide what reasonable means in that context. Is it 5 years, the average length of...

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