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Feb 6, 2011

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Columbia River Gorge
at the intersection of tech, law, & product design

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    1. Ron95030
      Bonnie, We have a dilemma that I ask for your assistance with. Could you help identify some Roadster owners in the greater South Bay Area? I'd like to invite them to join our Historic EV display at DeAnza College in Cupertino this weekend. Cud u provide emails of 4-5 owners to ask about availability?
      BR, Ron Freund
    2. FlyF4
      Bonnie, thank you for your politically correct reply to my post regarding EV cars aren't totally saving the earth. You are correct in assessing that it was not intended as it came across to some of the more negative thinking folks :-)
      1. bonnie
        And thanks for your response :). Pretty hard to offend me on a forum, so no worries!
        Jun 4, 2017
    3. sledhead36
      Bonnie, I am glad you like your drawer, thanks for the write up. Can I send you some coat hooks? Do you have a pano or glass roof or the new Model X type seats in your S?
      1. bonnie
        No coat hooks necessary, but thank you. I'm very happy with the drawer. Nicely done.
        Apr 6, 2017
        sledhead36 likes this.
      2. sledhead36
        No problem, just wanted to make the offer. If you ever need anything, let me know.
        Apr 6, 2017
    4. SpaceCadet
      Petrified Forest Vinyards would like to supply some wine for the party. Problem is, how to get it there. Susan can't deliver it and neither can I (Spacecadet)...

      It can be shipped but someone (age 21 or older) will have to sign for it. Whoever receives it I'll need to store it properly (not in a hot garage) for a couple of days. Wine can only be shipped during week days (Monday through Friday).

      Any ideas?
      1. bonnie
        I'm over 21. I can sign for it :). I'll email you. So excited you'll be here!
        Jul 9, 2016
    5. The Fury
      The Fury
      Hello Bonnie, we spoke years ago regarding the market etc.. and you gave me some great insight. Under this new forum layout, is there a way to privately send you a message? if so, please explain it so I may.
      1. bonnie
        The conversation button in the upper right corner is the same as a private message. I'll open a window :)
        Jul 9, 2016
    6. Cattledog
      Hi Bonnie - I know you're in the Sacramento area, do you have any connections to the United Auburn Indian Community? we are shortlisted for a project there (K-8 tribal school - I'm an architect) and we expect to interview in early August. Thx.

      1. bonnie
        No, sorry Greg - no connections with that community. Sounds like a great project, though.
        You might ask in the NorCal-Reno group. We have a lot of Tesla owners in the area.
        Jul 7, 2016
    7. cpa

      I am limited to 420 characters here. I shall try to contact you some other way. The 'Princess' is coming along nicely! I probably will be at Rocklin Monday, May 9 around 4-ish.
    8. Liz G
      Liz G
      Bonnie. This is Liz from the St Louis Tesla Enthusiasts. I was wondering if you had some time to chat. I wanted to ask you about your Tesla club and get your advise on a few things.
    9. bint2k
      Ahhh sorry :/
    10. Lloyd
      Do you have a recommended source for supplies? Something I have always wanted to try. Not that I need another hobby!! Jeesh..
    11. MarkR
      Thanks for the positive response to the friend request!
    12. Lloyd
      Looks like I will be able to make dinnner, if that affects the final count. See you there.
    13. vfx
      "I exited off the 101 on Kanaan, just for the fun of driving the canyons. ...."

      Right by my house. A right on Mulholland and 5 miles up. My cats were ready... :0
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    Columbia River Gorge
    at the intersection of tech, law, & product design
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    2011 Roadster Sport 2.5 (sold 6/17) , 2017 Founders X P100D -- Status updates on twitter, @bonnienorman
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