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    Touring Cape Breton Island, in Nova Scotia

    Never been there but I did map out a potential trip a while back. This site linked below could be an option to charge too. Check out the comments and photos. Good luck with it. https://www.plugshare.com/location/244181
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    Anyone else coming from a sports car?

    But here is the question, moving from performance ICE to BEV with its instant torque, how are the tires holding up compared to your previous ICE cars? I'd think the BEV torque would be harder from all those launches, but then no burn outs in BEVs (unless nannies removed or modded I guess) so...
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    Tesla rewrote its own software to survive the chip shortage

    As are a bunch of other companies like the one I work for. I've been re-hashing code for 3+ months now, finding new micros that are capable and compatible with our products and in sufficient quantities, redesigning the circuit boards to use the new micro and then changing the code to work on...
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    What have you done to your MY today?

    That filter does nothing to reduce the ppm, the hard water problem I am having. My tap water is about 650 ppm (very high) which in turn causes water spots when rinsing. The water from the dehumidifier is about 20-30 ppm when I last checked. Nothing short of reverse osmosis is going to treat...
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    Hard braking for no reason

    Did the OP purchase FSD? If so, then check to see if smart summons feature is available or if it is disabled. I thought they disabled some stuff like smart summon on pure vision cars until they get new software ready for vision only operation? One way to tell... Edit: NVM, looks like...
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    Model Y Price increased $1,000 tonight

    8 cu ft = full FSD, human driver no longer needed... 🥴
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    Window in closed position after opening passenger door

    Crazy that puddle lights can affect the window sensing and operation. Must be a bad ground? Poor design. An accessory should not impact a major system like the window. Reminds me of an issue I experienced with my other car. My Acura has the keyless fob and the touch door handles to lock...
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    Window in closed position after opening passenger door

    It would help if everybody who is having this issue post the software version running on their MY and the build date of their MY (look at the MFD BY TESLA door sticker with their VIN also on it that has month and year built in upper left corner. For ex 05/20 = May 2020). Then if it is...
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    If it starts raining?

    I think it is possible to do this, if Tesla decided to add this new feature, but it would come at a cost. The wipers have an auto setting which relies on the front camera to see obstructions on the windshield, i.e. rain or dirt or snow, to cause the wipers to turn on and clear it away. So if...
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    USB ports and controller questions for Model H’Y

    Pretty sure if only one partition is presented to the car and that partition has the TeslaCam folder on it, then you cannot access that for anything else. Whether that is a separate USB stick with one partition or one of multiple partitions on a single stick probably should not make a...
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    USB ports and controller questions for Model H’Y

    re USB stick, all depends on purpose. If just for sentry recordings then new MY has a USB A port in the glove box and it comes with a USB stick already installed for that purpose. If you want to replace it, then go ahead. However if you are asking because you want to add another stick for...
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    USB-C to Micro-B

    Have you tried a USB-C hub to expose USB-A and then connect a normal, USB-A to USB-B micro cable? That is how I checked out my rear USB ports, USB-C hub and then USB-A iPhone lightning cable to charge my iPhone.
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    USB-C to Micro-B

    I use this one from AMZ for a RPI hung off Jeda USB hub, the free USB-C port on left hand side, in front console. The RPI provides a canary so I know when the MY is awake or asleep. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0828Z13J5 I read somewhere about problems if the cable has circuit built into...
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    Flimsy Frunk lid.

    Nothing on a Porsche is cheap to fix or replace. Trust me, I dread any trip to the garage with mine... Never leave without spending $500 or more
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    Has anyone with 2021.4.18.10 received the 2021.4.18.12 update?

    Sorry no help, I am still stuck on 2021.4.18.3 and it does not want to update from that no matter what I try, including hard reboot, verifying MY wifi connection, reinstalling IOS app, etc.

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