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    Short press vs long press of "Park"

    So here is a huge source of confusion, especially for those of us who have had our cars for a couple years. Here are a few excerpts from the Model 3 owner's manual (from 2019 when I bought my car). As you can see, there is no ambiguity about needed to short or long press anything. Put it...
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    Short press vs long press of "Park"

    Just did a quick test in my garage shifting from D to Park with a short press vs long press. There was no difference in the whirring sound as the brake engaged that I could detect in volume, pitch, or duration. There WAS however, a noticeable "click" "click" at the end of the engagement when...
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    Got Hit n Run in Parking Lot - TeslaCam caught it!

    Someone backed in my my 3 a couple weeks ago while it was parked at a mall then drove off. A few weeks earlier I had disabled sentry by default, so no video (100% my fault - it's back on automatically now). Anyhow, my wife had gone out to get sandwiches and when she came out there was a...
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    Long commute

    Hey @jjrandorin Sounds like you're in the Harveston area. I lived for 16 years on the SOUTH edge of Murrieta. My drive was from roughly Harveston to Rancho Bernardo (43 miles), then we moved to French Valley and my commute went to ~50 miles, then I changed jobs and my commute went to ~60...
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    Model 3 interior temp

    It sounds like you have pre-conditioning turned on. That's a sub-feature of "scheduled departure", so if you have set to have your charging completed by, say, 6AM, and you have pre-conditioning on as well, it will charge your car and have it conditioned to your preferred temperature by the time...
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    Long commute

    I'm a 20 year veteran of the long-commute clan, my current commute (thankfully only 2 days a week) is 108 miles round trip, just under 3 hours with traffic. It seems to me like you're already aware of all the down-side to your plan both to the car and to yourself and family. So that being...
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    Which SR 3 would you pick?

    ah, remember when... ... we were told that charging to 100% wasn't a good idea anyhow because getting to 100% took longer, was less efficient to get to, and would limit regenerative braking thus making the car less efficient overall. And now, we're being told to select this new formula battery...
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    Poor Audiobook Support, Why?

    I hear ya! At its simplest, just having it pick up where it left off whenever you select the USB input would suffice for me. That won't work for everyone, of course, but it would work in much the same way switching inputs has traditionally on a car radio (MP3 continues where you left off, for...
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    Excessive ac condensation

    Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru would like to purchase your Tesla immediately! They have some droids to barter with.
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    Auto headlights with wipers function deleted

    I've had my 3 for over 2 years and I don't recall ever seeing a setting to turn on lights when the wipers were on. Where was it? Was the feature "smart" enough to be useful? (e.g., didn't flash your headlights at everyone whenever you tapped the button to de-mist your windshield). I 100%...
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    Talk to me about automatic car washes

    I think we should define what is meant when we say "brushes"? I've seen and used countless automatic car washes in my lifetime, and I think I've only ever encountered what I'd call "brushes" a couple times. They were these large spinning spools with plasticky cords coming out of them as...
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    Windows dropping at random when opening driver door any ideas?

    If this only happens when you open your driver door from the INSIDE, then odds are you're hitting the window switches accidentally as you're opening your door (for example, with your watch, if you wear one). In fact, I don't wear a watch and have accidentally tapped a window switch many times...
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    Supercharger - Menifee, CA (LIVE 30 Sep 2019, 20 V2 stalls)

    So I noticed this supercharger is now listed as a 250kW. Haven't stopped by to see if its all the stations, or just the newest ones.
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    Big Preconditioning Change

    I could be wrong here (I'm not a Tesla expert), but "pre-conditioning" doesn't have to mean active generation of heat. It could also mean turning off active COOLING of the battery (continuing to circulate coolant to keep the pack an even temp, but not actively venting the heat to the outside...
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    Supercharger - Menifee, CA (LIVE 30 Sep 2019, 20 V2 stalls)

    Didn't have a chance to take a photo as I drove by yesterday, but here's a screenshot from the app this morning.

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