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  1. Electric Dream

    Vendor Model 3 Öhlins DFV Coilovers - Engineered by Redwood Motorsports ™

    I think what you mean is the last photo on the product page looks like the old fork design but I'm pretty sure that photo is of the RWD version of the fork. The AWD fork is the newer billet version. Yes, you can leave the helper spring out if you want to. There was a thread on here a while back...
  2. Electric Dream

    Who supplies Tesla shocks/struts?

    As above, you need to replace the dampers, not just the springs, if you want to improve the ride quality. What you are describing is what many owners experience. Also many owners have fitted aftermarket springs and then realised it's not the real answer and then wished they'd gone for...
  3. Electric Dream

    Lost all regen (again).

    I'm pretty sure it's a failsafe system and other sensors will kick in before any damage is caused. There is no way the BMS will allow the battery to get hot enough to cause damage. If you are really worried, put it into track mode as at least that will give you an indication of temperatures on...
  4. Electric Dream

    Lost all regen (again).

    Hmmm. OK well apologies it does sound like you have a hard fault there, particularly as you seem to have charging issues too. We do see a lot of comments from drivers who have limited regen for whatever reason and think it's zero. Once they take the 'neutral test' they see what no regen is...
  5. Electric Dream

    Lost all regen (again).

    So you can shift from D to N to D again at say 10mph and there's absolutely no change at all? What SoC is this at?
  6. Electric Dream

    Lost all regen (again).

    Its not zero regen though is it? Have you compared it to being in N?
  7. Electric Dream

    Model 3 Tire Pressure

    I'm talking about ride quality. You won't feel the difference in a straight line on a given road, even a bad one.
  8. Electric Dream

    Model 3 Tire Pressure

    I challenge anyone to feel a difference in ride quality between 39 and 42 psi.
  9. Electric Dream

    Car wow M3 drag race. Surprising result

    Anti roll bars are the same between the LR and P and in any case they wouldn't affect the ride quality. We've got one of each (LR & P) and I don't find the LR is much better in terms of ride quality over the P. The only way to sort out that out properly is with aftermarket coilovers.
  10. Electric Dream

    Car wow M3 drag race. Surprising result

    The red brakes don't stop the P any shorter. They run cooler when you're pushing the car hard. That was another throw away from the Carwow team which will just confuse people more. Track Mode is really the only reason to get a P. You can upgrade a LR with better bits for the same money, but...
  11. Electric Dream

    Car wow M3 drag race. Surprising result

    It was a cold, wet day in January, so hardly the best conditions and the pack temperatures of each car would also have an effect if they weren't identical. The Pirellis on the M3P you can hear were having traction issues. So many variables, it's hardly a conclusive test.
  12. Electric Dream

    Car wow M3 drag race. Surprising result

    The carwow videos are never going to be proper objective tests, they are just entertainment. The refresh m3p in this recent one had a lower soc than the other two cars so it's a pointless exercise, other than drumming up more views for their channel and giving them more publicity for their...
  13. Electric Dream

    Model 3 versions drag race

    I suspect there will be a software upgrade along at some point to ensure the refresh P's performance is on a par with the pre-'21 cars.
  14. Electric Dream

    Improving brake "feel"

    I've gone from brand new unbedded stock brakes to BBK with track pads (PFC 11) on my M3P, with many variations in between. When the car was delivered, the brakes were not bedded at all. I took the pads out after tha car had done 50 miles and the pad surfaces were only about 60% in contact with...

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