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    NHTSA asks Tesla to recall 158,000 [now 135,000] vehicles for eMMC failure. Voluntary Recall issued

    I really hope the NHTSA makes Tesla fix this. It's so difficult to get Tesla to fix this issue. We brought it in last month and they said it wasn't the emmc, even though it matches everything I've seen online for emmc being the main culprit. They said all they need to do is clear some files...
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    MX17 - FalconWing Door weather stripping deteriorating - Not covered by Warranty

    I’m having the same issue with the rubber strips on the fwd. Haven’t seen any I’ll effects from it. I had the exact same issue with our 2004 BMW X5. The rubber strip between the windshield and the roof deteriorated the same way. It was a known issue that BMW never covered under warranty.
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    Family man finding the S a little too tight. Is the X significantly better with kids?

    Sold our S for the X when we had kids. It's way better. Those FWDs which I thought was a gimmick is a life saver, especially for your back and your kids heads. The fact that the roof opens with the door makes it the easiest car to get kids in and out of with car seats. It's worth the change
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    This truck design had better be a joke....

    I initially thought it was a joke and that the outside was just cheap panels that would be removed to show the real truck. Everyone's opinion is different, but that thing is probably the ugliest car I've ever seen. Was planning on buying it, but I don't think I can unless I somehow go blind...
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    Falcon wing window seals

    Having exact same issue with my wife's MX. The seal on the top of the FWD is all deteriorated like in the pic above. Car is roughly 2 years old
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    Dead 12 Volt battery rant

    Ok, sorry about the rant but I just have to vent. This is the first time I've ever been stranded and have needed a rescue person to come save me, all over a dead 12 volt battery on a 2.5 year car. I've owned or currently own all Tesla models so I'm a huge fan. But lately, the changes Tesla...
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    yellow border - need advise

    I’m not sure where you’re getting your info, but they just told me some BS about a firmware update to fix my screen and that they’ve been told to stop all replacement.
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    yellow border - need advise

    I know that. That’s why I told the technician that it doesn’t make any sense. He said there’s nothing he can do since they’ve been told to stop all replacements.
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    Driver side door wont open

    Just started having this issue in our X on the passenger door. You hear the motor but the door won't open. Screen shows door open but it's not. You can only open by pulling the handle on the inside.
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    yellow border - need advise

    I had an appointment a few days ago after getting a text saying the screen was in. 30 minutes prior to the appointment they called and said they’re canceling the appointment because Tesla engineers have told them not to replace anymore screens and that they’re working on a firmware to fix it. I...
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    Seat doesn't auto adjust based off key fob anymore

    Mine is inconsistent. It’ll set my profile when my wife uses her FOB. Other times it doesn’t. Drives my wife nuts
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    Cabin Overheat Protection OR Security Alarm, not Both

    Just noticed this yesterday. We have the enhanced security installed so I figured the cabin overheat protection wasn't needed since the interior sensor senses even the tiniest movement. A tiny fly inside kept setting it off.
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    Another Summon Failure! Do Not Rely on Quick STOP!

    On our previous S, I never had an issue with summon. Sometimes it’d have problem going over the lip of the garage, but otherwise it worked well With our current X, I’ve had to intervene a few times to prevent it from hitting my 3. For some reason, every once in awhile, it would make a hard...
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    Airflow visualization on V9

    Same here. I actually prefer the old graphic.
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    TeslaCam errors

    same issue with both my X and 3. works for about a week then it both craps out. I just reformat and start over again and it works, till it doesn't again.

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