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    Heated wheel and rear seats being enabled on SR+

    The cars being delivered now were largely ordered at a time when it wasn't advertised in fact the heated steering wheel only really seemed to get listed when they stopped calling it an SR+ and changed it to a just "Model3", so no different to those who ordered 6 months ago But that said, Tesla...
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    Why I believe the Tesla M3 AWD is the only really viable EV

    That’s exactly my point, you sing the virtues of an all Tesla setup, you’re critical of BMW for not having one, then confess you use a 3rd party app as there is no integration at all between the components.
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    Why I believe the Tesla M3 AWD is the only really viable EV

    You don’t need all one make to get things to work together, I doubt your solar panels were from Tesla. The Tesla charger is the dumbest (meant in a literal way) on the market. Take an example, does your setup adapt the current your car is charging at in summer to the output of your solar panels...
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    Why I believe the Tesla M3 AWD is the only really viable EV

    We’re yet to see real world figures. The Taycan for instance out performs its rating and either way we all know the rating system is rubbish. But would you really care about a little less efficiency if it still has a range that gives you enough and the car gives you so much more than the Tesla...
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    Can I use my 18" wheels from my Model 3 on my new Model Y?

    The user guides which are online have the.tyre sizes and comparing them they’re different
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    Heated wheel and rear seats being enabled on SR+

    I’m really pleased I’m wrong, at least for many of you so far
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    Be careful of shooting yourself in the foot with an M3P

    Every one is different - I went from a MS P90DL that would show a clean pair of heels to any M3 and after 3 years happy to have the more forgiving wheels of a M3 LR albeit with acceleration boost. The M3 P I drove was worse than my MS on 21” wheels over potholes and uneven surfaces. If the roads...
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    Heated wheel and rear seats being enabled on SR+

    Why would that be difficult? It's all there for the LR and P models and some owners have reported they have the option enabled. Maybe the question to ask is - If you have taken delviery of an SR+ and have the heated steering wheel enabled, what VIN do you have? Just the last 6 digits would...
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    Heated wheel and rear seats being enabled on SR+

    I have a horrible feeling about this for some of you, it may be down to exactly when you car was built (to the day) as it didn't have them on one days production, and did the next and who's to say which side of the line you were on. Its also been said in a few posts you can't rely on Tesla...
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    Ride / sound comfort

    Noisiest car I've had for a while, including ICE, especially on the motorway but its not bad and I have had nice cars against which to compare. We've also got a high end BMW (I say high end, it cost virtually the same as our M3 LR, it's easy to forget how expensive Teslas are and what deals you...
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    Apps and battery usage

    Havng spent some time looking at the API, the car won't wake up unless its asked to with a specific request. https://tesla-api.timdorr.com/vehicle/commands/wake Any other command sent to the car appears not to wake it up and lets it sleep. Apps can work perfectly well without waking the car...
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    Car Computer Chip Type

    The AMD Ryzen chip first appeared in the new Model S so it’s been knocking around for some time in the Tesla world and I suspect was always the plan for the next generation. Probably not a surprise either as Intel bought Mobileye a few years ago and there’s no love lost between the 2 companies...
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    How Much data does the car share with Tesla?

    They even know when you fart… ..or at least when you press the fart button
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    Panasonic v LG Batteries

    You can see them here and in various other European countries. The model 3 buyers guide on the same website shows all the mappings https://tesla-info.com/for-sale.php?country=Norway&state=&sale=All&sort=PA&min=&max=&model=All&variant=All&minyear=2008&maxyear=2022&search=BT43
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    New Model 3 [matrix] Headlights - adjust for LHD countries?

    Have you not got the headlight adjustment option in the service menu? You can (or could) adjust the beam of individual headlights.

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