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    Expensing EV mileage UK

    They will, a car allowance from a HMRC perspective is just “pay” The difference usually relates to pensions, life insurance etc. if an employer agrees to contribute 6% to a pension fund, this doesn’t include the car allowance or any other flexible benefit that can be taken as cash. Life...
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    [UK] 2022.44

    Surely remote view of the interior camera could be quite entertaining... But on a serious note, it says it should be bringing the parts of FSDb that detects surrounding traffic and road layouts to highway autopilot if I read it right. Surely that means we'll get proper next gen reading of the...
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    [UK] 2022.44

    Forecast for this year seems more promising to me, if half of them happen it brings together lots of lose ends. https://tesla-info.com/release/2022.48
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    Expensing EV mileage UK

    your employer will have an expenses policy and you’ll have a contract if employment, they will determine what you can and can’t do and demand from your employer, you can’t just demand a hire car as some have suggested if you’ve an obligation to be mobile. Equally, you can’t use your own car...
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    Tesla replacing ultrasonic sensors with Tesla Vision

    If Tesla were known for delivering things when they said, and they performed like they promised, then I doubt anyone would have a problem. The sad reality is Tesla have never delivered when they said, and the initial versions have never performed like they promised. Hence why people are unhappy.
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    3-pin charging with extension lead.

    What worries me about toughleads is they sell some potentially unsafe leads including schuko to 3pin plug which if used as an adapter for charging using the schuko plug will cause heat build up and issues, potentially a fire. Their warning is inadequate saying ‘max 13a’ which happens to be the...
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    Model Y Performance £ premium

    In the US, the LR and P are both built in the Fremont. In the U.K., they’re both built in China. It’s only mainland Europe where some cars are made on Berlin, and that includes both LR and P versions. Whether the pricing was set with the expectation they’d be different here, who knows, but...
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    3-pin charging with extension lead.

    Just building on some of the other answers. Many extension leads aren't really suitable for continuos loads which charing is so getting a good 13a one is a good idea. The screwfix one appears ok as it says 13a, some people want to see the cable core size, the bigger the better, but not everyone...
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    Birds eye view / HW4 camera's spotted?

    To add.. I’ve seen the same story on Reddit and the consensus there seems to be it’s just a fabric button/catch Birds Eye cameras are usually in the bottom of side mirrors, the location of that “camera” means it can’t see down, it’s on a slightly upward facing part of the bodywork. BMW for a...
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    Birds eye view / HW4 camera's spotted?

    I think the thread title deserves a question mark. There’s nothing but speculation here, and fairly wild speculation at that.
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    [UK] 2022.44

    Release now seems to be rolling out Seems they missed one (energy screen in more countries) although not relevant to us.
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    2022.44.2 release is now starting to roll out. Nothing spectacular unless you speak Thai or live in Hong Kong, just tweaks to sentry mode settings and a tweak to seatbelt pretensioning which has been around a while. https://tesla-info.com/release/2022.44...
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    [UK] 2022.44

    Nor on Teslascope who claim they have staff cars. Hence why I'm a little suspicious. It's rippling around all of them, Teslanorth, Teslainfo etc, if enough say it, it must be true! Maybe they all just need a few more clicks to pay for the christmas shopping :)
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    [UK] 2022.44

    Doubt it. One of the other sites is suggesting the interior camera would now also record. They do say it’s speculation, but I can see the logic. The whole point of sentry is to record the culprits, so if the cameras are turned off to save power, just what is the difference to an alarm...
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    Tesla offering a discount on new car deliveries this month!?

    They’ve often done Dec incentives, inventory often has FSD added but at a reduced price and 2 years ago I recall all deliveries in the last 2 weeks of Dec had a years free supercharging. But demand v supply is definitely softening globally, it’s not just the volume of inventory, it’s the...

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