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    local network access to the gateway completely unreliable

    This is good news! Question: if you go off grid while the Powerwall is full and the local frequency goes up, does that screw up your powerline adapters? I ask because the old TP Link adapters I had seemed to struggle when the local frequency was 62hz+...
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    local network access to the gateway completely unreliable

    I read through the thread and may have missed it - @crackers8199 did you have the TEG forget your wifi network? I had to do so in order to get the ethernet connection to work consistently but it has been rock solid ever since.
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    Powerwall died? DC Stage Fault

    Wow - that's super crummy but thanks for the update. I'm seriously considering PV + battery in my new home but after reviewing the other options and seeing these sort of stories I'd likely not go with the PW again.
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    SPAN - Smart Electrical Panel

    With just how poorly worded this note was alone would cause me to ignore it, let alone deeply question the SA's general ability to provide competent service... What exactly does "back fed power surges from the Span IO if there is a power outage" mean? I did some research this morning and found...
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    Not imaging it: more power outages

    Good journalism is supposed to be dumpy. I expected better from the AP than sensationalized articles. The grid was going to be unreliable regardless of any change in weather events and more people will be effected as, well, there are more people. Here's an actually decent article from USA Today...
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    Not imaging it: more power outages

    Argh, I used to have so much respect for the AP and all of that has gone so far downhill with this pseudoscience explainer journalism... Yes, of course, power outages are more frequent - we have an aging grid, more people, and more demand for electricity than any other time in history. But to...
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    Best way to connect 17kW of solar PV to one Powerwall?

    I have 1 Powerwall with 8.6kw of PV. Max I get during the summer peaks is about 6.3kW, which is still below the PW2's 7kw surge limit. If you don't want to buy more Powerwalls consider restringing your existing + some new to the single Powerwall and the rest to the non-backed up side. I don't...
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    Anyone have a recent new home Solar Roof quote?

    Yes but I was not expecting $220k expensive :)
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    Anyone have a recent new home Solar Roof quote?

    Looking to build a good sized new home with a large and complex roof. The quotes I've gotten so far for a Solar Roof are...well they're high. Just curious if anyone else has gotten a recent quote to help me understand if the area we're looking to build is marked up or if these systems are...
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    What devices do you have UPS connected even though you have a PowerWall?

    It's not a contest, but you're winning.
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    Powerwall died? DC Stage Fault

    To my amateur that really sounds like a large breaker opening. Strange that its that many though. No smoke, smell, or anything else?
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    What devices do you have UPS connected even though you have a PowerWall?

    It's a Calix P-Series 711GE. Was installed in 2017. P-Series
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    What devices do you have UPS connected even though you have a PowerWall?

    Everything in my home except high wattage circuits (L2 EV charger, AC, electric dryer, and oven) is backed up so anything that is sensitive to blips is on the Powerwall. I have 5 UPSes throughout the house because I'm an addict. - 1500VA for my PC and monitor - 1000VA for the networking closet...
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    Interesting that PG&E is actually working with Chevrolet on V2G (or V2H)

    This is all I really want. The Powerwall is nice and all, may even still want them in my next house. Having a 60kwh+ or two battery sitting in a garage most of the day is such a waste. Bonus points for a PHEV that can double as an emergency generator during grid outages. This is the future...
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    Powerwall operation during brownout (low line voltage from grid).

    To add to this - it's almost always the AHJ that dictates what your Powerwall's grid profile is which is then enforced through the interconnection agreement.

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