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    Autonomous Car Progress

    I cannot compare with other lane-keeping cars, because I have never experienced one, but I'm under the impression that my Tesla Model 3 SR+ at least since the last update to version 2021.32.21 moves away from trucks while overtaking them on a multi-lane freeway. (Can anybody confirm this?) It...
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    Autonomous Car Progress

    I'd like them (and us) to avoid any reference to lane centering. Nobody wants the car to be in the center of the lane. Let me give examples for a two-lane country road. If there is no other traffic far and wide, all risk comes from the side of the road. Safest would be to drive not in the...
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    Autonomous Car Progress

    Tesla's FSD obviously does not need HD maps of most roads, as it drives almost everywhere just happily and safely without them. If at all, it might be improved by HD maps of difficult junctions. Has the thought been mentioned or discussed that HD maps might not be needed everywhere, but only...
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    Few questions and issues on the first 1K miles

    Just briefly. q1 - Normal. Also uninteresting, because we still have the old autopilot. But the new one has been tested for a while and will eventually get into our cars. It is significantly better than the old one, judging from test videos. q2 - May need repair. Apparently not water-tight...
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    Autonomous Car Progress

    How about Supervised Self-Driving? At least on a multi-lane highway I typically do less than 1% of the physical driving tasks like steering, accelerating and braking. Legally I am the driver, but what I actually do 99% of the time and distance is nothing but watching, i.e. supervising...
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    Phantom braking getting bad. (TACC/AP) [Not AEB]

    For the moment our mitigating method is to step on the accelerator when you are sure that the braking is not desired. The other mitigating method is to disable TACC or the autopilot in situations where phantom braking is known to occur. All other discussions are probably pointless until we get...
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    Phantom braking getting bad. (TACC/AP) [Not AEB]

    I'm certain that it avoids accidents that way. It seems to be overly careful and easily frightened, but I, for one, prefer that.
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    Tesla Compact Hatch Coming?

    The recommendation is to avoid full and empty most of the time, but not always. For a long-range drive where you need the full capacity, I think you should use it. After all, the battery is there to serve your needs, not the other way around. I am planning a ride that can be done without...
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    Phantom braking getting bad. (TACC/AP) [Not AEB]

    As I have written before, phantom braking cannot be fixed. It can probably be greatly reduced, but every driver, machine or human, has phantom brakings. When you recognize something that could be a risk, you brake. When it turns out not to be a risk, it was a phantom braking event, for example...
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    Should I just leave me roof bars on all the time?

    I have bought the SR+ for its unrivalled efficiency. I'm not going to spoil this by leaving anything attached to it that raises the air resistance.
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    Autonomous Car Progress

    It has been mentioned that robotaxis will be cheaper than human-driven taxis. But perhaps it should be mentioned that they will be a lot cheaper, (a) because no driver has to be paid, and (b) the car can be used around the clock. Taxis can also be used around the clock, in shifts, but not all...
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    Reduce speed of auto-park

    Funny, most other complainants want to make it faster, not slower.
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    Autonomous Car Progress

    Every FSD developer team runs the risk of converging and getting stuck on a local technical optimum, as has been said before. Although it is indeed a risk along the way to the perfect autonomous car, it does not mean that any such local optimum must always be a complete failure. Isn't it...
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    Auto high beam behavior

    Isn't it by design that the car always starts with low beam? You have to switch to high beam once after starting to drive. And remember, everybody, that auto high beam is actually auto low beam. A misnomer.
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    Need Help Convincing Spouse To Buy

    Lots of good ideas in this thread. Here are two more. Tell her (once more) that a Tesla has been your big wish for almost a decade and ask her if she would really want to veto it. Perhaps she'll end up saying that she doesn't like it but will not go as far as a veto. Inquire how she came to the...

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