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  1. johnr

    Extension cable for long term use

    Sorry for the late response. To clarify, the Supercharger extension cord includes an additional built-in thermal sensor to protect the cord itself while Supercharging. The thermal monitoring of the Tesla Gen 2 adapters is completely independent of this. If you plug in your Mobile Connector...
  2. johnr

    What to do when no Nema 14-50 adapters available?

    When Tesla is out of stock, you can look elsewhere. There are people reselling them on ebay and amazon (most are price-scalpers though!). My company also makes a Tesla-compatible NEMA 14-50 adapter which works the same as the OEM ones. Actually we're the only non-OEM alternative, so when the OEM...
  3. johnr

    Is this plug safe? [Adapter replaced by vendor]

    The Gen 2 adapters have two wires for power and one for ground. There are also two signal wires which are connected to a microchip that's embedded in the plug. The microchip tells the Mobile Connector how many amps to pull and also performs thermal monitoring of the plug. If the plug gets too...
  4. johnr

    Is this plug safe? [Adapter replaced by vendor]

    Point well taken. Will definitely keep this in mind going forward.
  5. johnr

    Is this plug safe? [Adapter replaced by vendor]

    No worries, it's what we should do :)
  6. johnr

    Is this plug safe? [Adapter replaced by vendor]

    John here with EVSE Adapters. We did sell this adapter to Steve. The NEMA 15-30 is a fairly uncommon connection and this type of plug is sometimes hard to source. The majority of our adapters are fully molded and look much nicer. Unfortunately, the plugs we usually use for this adapter were...
  7. johnr

    Gen 3 Wall Charger - Can I get data from it?

    In the manual for the Gen 3 wall connector, Tesla says "Connecting Wall Connector to a local Wi-Fi network enables it to receive over-the-air firmware updates, remote diagnostics access, and usage data tracking capability." This statement is found on page 7 of the manual, available here...
  8. johnr

    LTE Retrofit $200

    A few days ago I made an appointment to get the 4G LTE upgrade and then I got an invoice for $350 ($108 for parts and the rest for labor). So I called the service center, told them it's supposed to be $200, and he agreed to adjust the price down to what it's supposed to be. However he also told...
  9. johnr

    MCU1: Black center screen / mcu failure caused by a faulty navigation MicroSD card

    On February 27 I mentioned in the eMMC thread that I was again experiencing issues with the MCU a few months after having the Tegra chip replaced by a third party shop: More recently, there have been numerous occasions where the signal indicator at the top-right of the UMC indicates no signal...
  10. johnr

    Supercharger - Visalia, CA (under construction May 2022, 20 V3 stalls)

    Wuksachi Lodge in Sequoia NP will let you plug in for L1 charging if needed. You can find it on Plugshare. However since they only have a couple of outdoor outlets to spare, I would only charge there if I was spending the night or really needed it. I'd imagine Wuksachi would probably be amenable...
  11. johnr

    Teslas in Movies & TV

    In the Chinese TV series "You Are So Sweet", a classic Model S driven by the lead actor got a lot of screen time. Its first appearance is right at the beginning, and the car makes appearances in many of the episodes. Nice to see Tesla vehicles getting favorable exposure worldwide. (with English...
  12. johnr

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    Recently I got the black screen of death. The touchscreen just wouldn't come on, and the error message appeared on the dash stating that the screen is unavailable. I tried the reboot sequence to no avail. Several minutes later is started up and has been OK since, for now... Prior to that, it has...
  13. johnr

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    Probably nobody will see this comment since the thread is so long, but I just wanted to mention that I've discovered a really neat side-effect of the Tegra upgrade. BTW, I had the upgrade performed last year by @EV-Fixme and it went well. I removed the display and shipped him the defective...
  14. johnr

    Troubleshooting: RWD car, pulls to the right when accelerating

    I have a 2013 Model S which is rear wheel drive only, that has begun exhibiting a worrying behavior in just the last few months: at higher speeds (above about 60mph) if I hit the throttle to speed up the car suddenly tries to veer to the right, and when I let off it wobbles to the left. Now I...
  15. johnr

    Third-party Tesla service centers in California

    If anyone knows of any third-party Tesla service centers in the state, let's list them here. As someone who owns an out-of-warranty Tesla that is somewhat high-maintenance, it would be really nice to have options. I'm sure a lot of us know about the Electrified Garage, but they're clear on the...

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