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    Tesla Semi First Deliveries Set For 2020, Or Maybe Late 2019

    Anybody know where the semi will be built?
  2. K

    Blog Musk Backs Away From Plans to Take Tesla Private

    Best alternative since NOBODY would buy (fund) an automotive company for $70B that is worth ..... ah .... a fraction of that. Morgan Stanley estimated it worth about $190/share and they were the primary advisor. My guess is the stock will drop below $290 on Monday.
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    Blog Report: Tesla’s Board to Meet With Advisors About Take-Private Deal

    What a total cluster....ah....screw! SEC is gonna have a field day with this along with a list of law suits that will be stiffing! Totally unethical and most likely unlawful....but the lead balloons can only stay afloat on a LOT of hot air!
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    Blog Explaining the Six Levels of Vehicle Automation

    My guess is that those that stick to Level 5 as the top are overlooking the evolution to connectivity among Level 5 (or 4) vehicles and the benefits it will provide. Where vehicles can communicate in real time of slippery conditions, vehicles can travel much faster and closer together, and much...
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    Blog Musk’s Favorite Analysis of Model 3 Says Material Cost is $18K

    That's technically true....however, typically an assembly shipped to an assembly plant is considered "In-House Purchased Material Cost" and includes all the labor, overhead, materials, capital, etc.,, and many times a "market type" markup to make the In-Housed supplied parts a profit center.
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    Blog Musk’s Favorite Analysis of Model 3 Says Material Cost is $18K

    Accuse me of inventing numbers..."should be" and "are" simply are not the same !? Regardless, the analysis is stunningly in error....labor, material,ugh! Seems a little self serving to me. At $200/KH that's still $15,000 for JUST THE BATTERY!
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    Blog Musk’s Favorite Analysis of Model 3 Says Material Cost is $18K

    Seriously! That is just about the cost of the battery alone! At about $225/KiloHour and 75 Kilo/Hour battery pack is just over $18,000. Model 3 will certainly enjoy some "Early Adopter Premium" dollars for many more months (not years) and as such higher margins...but the overhead and fixed costs...
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    Blog Tesla Releases Data on Utah Autopilot Crash

    Seriously, am i the only one that finds a basic fault in the Autosteer philosophy!? You can't create a system that "relieves" the driver from "paying attention" (word it however you want but that's the only true value), then not take serious responsibility for a crash that is the result of a...
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    Model 3 Production Line Paused for Improvements

    The model 3 competes with Toyota and Honda hybrids plus a dozen other vehicles, all of which cost much less than the 3. Keep your eyes on the road!
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    Model 3 Production Line Paused for Improvements

    Tesla is competing with a industry that already has global massive scale and profitability. CAFE and CARB laws force automakers to make and sell small electric vehicles (Model 3) in a limited market at a price where nobody makes money....making it impossible for Tesla to sustain profitability...
  11. K

    Model 3 Production Line Paused for Improvements

    Man, I always dreamed I lived in a world where I produced the most unbelievable product..........AND could lose, and continue to lose billions of dollars. 2,000/4,000/6,000 a week really doesn't matter! Automakers don't make money on small, sedan, EVs, regardless of volume. Tesla has the Early...
  12. K

    Model 3 Production Line Paused for Improvements

    Well said........production (and its close cousin - quality) will continue to suffer. NO (Global) Automaker shuts down critical production unless is was part of a well orchestrated and extremely detailed plan.....this was not it appears.
  13. K

    Blog Tesla Made Nearly 10,000 Model 3s in Q1, Posts Record Production Numbers

    I sometimes feel like the guy who watched the Pied Piper walk by with the children....he was so cool that nobody really saw it as a problem.
  14. K

    Blog Tesla Made Nearly 10,000 Model 3s in Q1, Posts Record Production Numbers

    For the record...your quote "Just a short time ago the experts said starting a new US car company was not possible, and even Elon thought Tesla would fail."....many still do, including myself (at least in its current form)....until the laws of financial physics change, the model won't survive...
  15. K

    Blog Tesla Made Nearly 10,000 Model 3s in Q1, Posts Record Production Numbers

    Seriously, are you using Fiat as a quality benchmark?! I am talking about the "quality" OEMs. I seriously hope you enjoy your Model 3, it is a close cousin to the absolutely wonderful Model S....I mean you paid a serious premium to be an early adopter, so enjoy it!

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