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    Does anyone know what Tesla did to solve low performance with SOC and Higher speeds?

    That's a good video, but I also can't figure out why the 2019 Raven Performance torque is higher than plaid? It seems like maybe they didn't publish the right gear ratios for the plaid motors?
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Cool. Seems safe to select lease and lock in the lease pricing. Seems likely that you could always switch to cash and have no trouble with pricing changes. Just show up with a check made out for the right amount and you're done.
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    New Model S wheels don’t fit fender

    but, where's the wheel going to go when you hit a bump? I assume you want some suspension travel, even on the lowest setting...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    That assumes you can reach them.... :-) Can you change it to Tesla lease, though? Third party finance is the same as cash to Tesla, not sure about lease.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    You can change it after the fact?
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    Does anyone know what Tesla did to solve low performance with SOC and Higher speeds?

    I've been wondering a related question. How did they flatten out the power curve out to 200 mph? It's insane. I imagine they increased the gear reduction a bit to allow the motors to spin faster, but the power should start dropping off as the motor back EMF approaches the battery voltage. How...
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    New Model S wheels don’t fit fender

    I don't see it. You want them to stick out more?
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Does anyone know if your order doesn't start getting worked on until you finalize the payment in your account? I'm still pondering lease vs buy... I've finished all the other steps.
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    19" tires on Plaid and LR

    Whoa, are the 19s faster? I just ordered a Plaid with the 21s. Maybe I should save $4500? https://www.autoevolution.com/news/tesla-model-s-plaid-drag-races-another-plaid-wheel-size-makes-the-difference-169642.html
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    Vendor Official Signature Wheel Gallery | Model S Plaid & Performance.

    I'm not up to speed on this thread. Are any of the aftermarket wheel and tire packages for the plaid less than $4500? Deciding between the 19s and 21s when ordering plaid. I know I can sell the 19s for something... not sure how much.
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    Roadster 2023

    Definitely sounds like it's time for a plaid for the next few years....
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    21” arachnid or 19” base

    What do you think about cornering and handling on the 19s vs the 21s? I mean, hard to say without having tried the 21s as well, but...
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    21” arachnid or 19” base

    I'm guessing you are on the right? And that's with the stock 19 wheels and tires? Seems to match up with these numbers on drag radials...
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    21” arachnid or 19” base

    Those are pretty nice looking. Has anyone confirmed what they weigh compared to the 21s? I'd imagine they are a little lighter, improving performance a bit. But, the tires aren't as wide as on the 21s, reducing grip slightly... The rims are just as wide, so perhaps you could go slightly wider on...
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    Is it safe to connect a large inverter to the 12V battery?

    You could bypass that fuse and tap your inverter to the unfused +12V terminal and add your own 100A fuse. Then the car can charge the 12V as needed and you can pull whatever you need from the battery. Reminder, this only works on the Model S/X. Not the Model 3/Y. Those have to go to the DC/DC.

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