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Recent content by ocdbape

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    How much do you pay for Model Y per month?

    I am paying around $650 per month for 60 months. Around $275 for insurance per month. Insurance is for 2021 MYP and 2016 Lexus RX in NYC, 2 drivers with decent amount of coverages.
  2. O

    Help finding AS Tires for Performance Y

    I went with 19" TSS with Michelin Pilot sport all season 4 wheels and tires package. Don't have to worry about blowing up tire or wheel damage form potholes anymore. Also don't have to worry about getting new tires too soon. P zero's tire life on the MYP doesn't last long, can't rotate makes it...
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    Has the model Y performance price increased in lock step with Long Range version?

    MYP 1st came out March 2020 for $60990. Then went down $1k to $59990 in July 2020. Went back up $1k to $60990 in Feb 2021. I was lucky enough to order it in January for $59990, and it qualified for NY EV rebate of $2k (Under $60k to qualify). If I waited 2 more months to order, I would have to...
  4. O

    Model Y Range LR Vs Performance

    My wife didn't let me order MYP after I told her I need to buy another set of wheels with all season tires. She said just order the LR and didn't want me to spend extra $3k+ to go aftermarket wheels. And then I told her I don't even want to order the car if it's not MYP. Few hours later I came...
  5. O

    Vendor Show Off Your Aftermarket Model Y Wheels

    19" TSS satin black with Michelin Pilot sport 4 all season
  6. O

    Suffolk county, NY model Y LR AWD WAITING!!

    My coworker ordered a LR on early May after he saw my MYP. He got his VIN 210xxx last Wed and scheduled delivery next Wed. Located in NYC
  7. O

    Passenger lumbar support missing from new MY

    Lumber support can be substitute with amazon $25 lumber support pillow. But then you can't substitute anything for a heated steering wheel. I just put the steering wheel for example. Didnt even count the double pine front windows, free tesla usb thumb drive, auto dimming rear view mirrors. These...
  8. O

    Passenger lumbar support missing from new MY

    It was ok for you guys to buy a so call $55k car without heated steering wheel before? And its not ok now to buy it without the passenger lumber support you don't even use??? Honestly, Tesla didn't charge you extra when adding new stuffs, and shouldn't complain when it removes some features.
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    Y Performace vs LR?

    Your stealth should be an early build 2020. I ordered mine in January 2021. It was $59990 base price which qualified for $2k NY rebate. So if you got yours early before they lowered $1k after. The difference was $3k and that's enough for me to justify to spend that on a set of new wheels with...
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    Y Performace vs LR?

    You don't have to imagine how it feels like. I can tell you my experience since I live in NYC. It's not that bad! However, I will be swapping these out for either 19 or 20 with all season.
  11. O

    Y Performace vs LR?

    0 to 60 in 3.5. Enough said
  12. O

    Lexus RX 350 to Model Y

    I disagree with you. RX is a great car! I love everything about it and enjoyed every moment of it. I am sure I will buy another RX in a few year when they get the full redesign.
  13. O

    Tires for 20" Inductions

    No its not that bad. Even mine witht the 21". It just ride like any car with sports suspension. No big deal
  14. O

    Lexus RX 350 to Model Y

    I own both also. 2021 MYP and 2016 RX 350 with Luxury package. I usually drive the Y on weekdays, then the RX on the weekend. RX is more of a family car with wider seats, Y is more of a personal car. The bottom line is that i miss driving the Y when i drive the RX. But I dont miss the RX while...
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    Request from new MYP owner - Please Review the updated LED Matrix headlights

    Here is a pic of the new headlights on my MYP. Fog lights on

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