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    Supercharging newbie question

    Re the Peak rate question - I don't know. There was no indication that there was any "peak" rate was involved, just the normal $1 per minute idle charge. Is there a way to tell? Not having the rate available outside of the car is pretty frustrating. Taking a look at my bill again (to see if...
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    Supercharging newbie question

    Gas around the upper Hudson Valley is about 4.79, so I guess I should count my blessings. Cost me over $50 to fill up my 2009 Forester yesterday! Yes, almost all of my charging is done at home and that costs about .16 Kwh (including delivery charges). My MY is averaging around 265 whm, so I...
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    Supercharging newbie question

    OK, my free supercharging miles/Kwh have finally been used up (after almost 2 years). Did my first "paid" supercharging this past week and have a question. When I selected the supercharging location, the car showed a price of .39 per Kwh. (That was a shock, last time I checked it was .29) Did...
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    iPhone Tesla app map

    Looks like the Android app is suffering the same issue.
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    Updated to Android app 4.8.0-1025, location is screwy now?

    Got the same issue with my Android Tesla App 4.8.0=1-25. My wife's Android is on Tesla App software 4.7.1-927 and her view is the old one, close in. Both show the closest SC locations, which I really don't need to have be displayed by default.
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    Car Colorizer Allows You to Customize The Looks of Your Tesla

    All the arguments about this are valid, don't want to discount any of them However, I'll try to be a little more constructive with a suggestion specifically about the colorizer How about linking a chosen color to a specific profile? Green car - my wife's profile, etc.
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    Heat Consistency Worse After Update

    "If there’s one thing I miss about an ICE vehicle, it’s the fully-functional climate controls." Agreed! But I don't think it's the lack of ICE, I think it's about the software. I can get plenty of heat if I set the cabin to 78. My MY HVAC system acts as if, once it reaches the set temp, it...
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    Heat Consistency Worse After Update

    I've always noticed that my MY does not do a good job of maintaining the cabin temp when it's cold out. Today I was on the highway for an hour, outside temp was avg 27F. Had the cabin set for 67, felt warm (had the seat heater on level 1). After a while I found my legs and feet getting cold...
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    Another Scheduled Departure Gotcha to Be Aware Of

    I think we should continue to ask for improvements, push the capability envelope, etc. etc. and then press for allowing customization of the UI, so it could be much more personalized. Functions we personally do not need/want to see/interact with often could be hidden, moved, sized... Here's a...
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    Another Scheduled Departure Gotcha to Be Aware Of

    Not sure where to put this on this board, but a function I'd like to see on Scheduled departure is to have the option to do it once and then cancel out afterwards. Not all of us have set schedules, we're not all commuting at the same time everyday or weekends. If I'm going on a long road trip...
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    Do Not Understand Tesla Rationale for Why There is No Sirius/XM in Model 3 or Y

    Just to chime in, the only reason I want XM in my MY is the alternative method of delivery, ie satellite reception. Cell coverage is not universal, and not consistent outside of major metropolitan areas. XM is not perfect, but it's a good addition to the delivery methods, just like FM is. We...
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    1 year of free supper charging still continue

    I'd check on your account at Tesla.com to see what they charged your CC. The price shows on my screen even though I'm still using up my free supercharging. At least it did in the past, I haven't really paid much attention to it recently. Your account should also show you how much SC you have left.
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    1 year of free supper charging still continue

    Sept 2020 delivery, managed to squeeze 3K of supercharging out of them due to their FU's. I've got 250 miles left that shows expiring in March (2022). I have no idea how they arrived at that expiration date.
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    Sat. Nav. Suggestions

    I knew that before Tesla added it's waypoints function. I was just hoping that with the addition of waypoints we might be able to download our route before we get into the car. A guy can dream can't he?
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    Sat. Nav. Suggestions

    I can confirm that sending different trips to Tesla via Google maps only sends the first stop in your created trip. (Or the car only accepts the first waypoint, not sure where the information gets dropped in the "share" process) I tried to send a google 8-waypoint trip and all that showed up...

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