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    Should Tesla break out-of-warranty cars with software updates?

    And then, consumers scream "why isn't <<Company XYZ>> willing to keep supporting my old product? It's all a conspiracy to get me to buy a new one!!!" Substitute Google Pixel phones in here.......Apple is guilty of this as well. Can't win either way. Keith
  2. TW14 9LF

    Thinking about model 3 coming from a 392 hemi

    Piling on the attitude that total range is kind of irrelevant.....but only if you have a place at home to charge your EV, or there is a recharging station convenient to where you go. I came from a BMW 550 MSport, first to a Focus EV with only 75 miles of range, and now to a non-P Model 3. I can...
  3. TW14 9LF

    How can I encourage insurance to declare a total loss on my Model 3?

    I just did a Carvana evaluation on my 2018 LR RWD with 30K miles. They only offered me $33,500 for it. That is with NO accidents or diminished value. I'm not sure the trade in values are as high as they used to be.
  4. TW14 9LF

    Michelin MXM4 tires out of stock everywhere

    $308 out the door isn't bad. Tire Rack has them listed for $278 before mounting and balancing. But, they don't have them in stock, so really doesn't matter.
  5. TW14 9LF

    Recent trade-in experience?

    So I've been reading all of these threads about people trading in their current Model 3 and getting new ones, and getting amazingly high offers for their current vehicles. I thought, why not, if I can get a new Model 3 LR AWD for just a few grand over what I could get for my current car, let's...
  6. TW14 9LF

    Vampire battery drain test

    I leave my car at the airport, unplugged, with Sentry mode turned off, cabin overheat on (no A/C), all the time, usually for 5 days or so. Typical battery loss is almost unnoticed, usually less than 1%. One time the car sat for three weeks, but that time, it was inside a garage. I lost less than...
  7. TW14 9LF

    Self adhesive number plates.

    OP is from the UK, so they are asking about the unique plates that they use. OP, surprised that the dealer didn't do that for you. I've spent time in the UK, and I was under the impression that all cars had the plates installed before the customer took delivery. Keith
  8. TW14 9LF

    Phantom Braking

    Been very happy with the basic AP on my Model 3. Have only had one or two incidents of "WTF", but have always been able to counter it quickly. But I pay close attention even when on AP, no set it and forget it. Also, there are a bunch of us here that might take issue with your statement that...
  9. TW14 9LF

    Slow tire leak on Model 3

    Have you seen any appreciable range hit / increased power usage with these tires compared to the OEM tires?
  10. TW14 9LF

    Slow tire leak on Model 3

    Discount Tire and America's Tire are the same company, just depends on what part of the country you live in as to what name they are using. Here in California, they use America's Tire.
  11. TW14 9LF

    Slow tire leak on Model 3

    Another shout-out for America's Tire / Discount Tire. Have had nothing but good luck with them over the years on all of my cars. And, beware of going to places that have names similar to them. As the OP found out, the imposters don't provide the same level of service. Keith
  12. TW14 9LF

    Tipping the mobile service ans service center techs?

    I bring donuts, but not after the service, before. That way they (I hope) will take extra care with my car. They definitely remembered me when I came back later to pick up the car after service was completed...."Hey, Keith, the techs really appreciated the donuts, thanks for doing that!!" Keith
  13. TW14 9LF

    Long term airport parking

    For 10 days......park it and leave it. Turn off Sentry Mode, and try not to check up on it using the Tesla app while you're gone. I've left mine at the airport while I'm on business for upwards of 2 weeks, with no issue. Battery lost about 8-10% of charge while sitting. Keith
  14. TW14 9LF

    Great Service from Tesla Service Center in Pomona, CA

    You are the first person that has figured out what this means (my profile name and my license plate). This is the UK postcode for my father's childhood home, which I still own, with my siblings. I was born in that house, and lived there with my family for the first four years of my life (nearly...

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