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100% charge

  1. M3tex

    What is more damaging to the battery?

    I am going on a road trip and am wondering, which one is more damaging to the battery -- slow charging to 100% at home, or slow charging only to 90% but then supercharging extra 10% than otherwise? I understand that both charging to 100% as well as supercharging have negative effects on battery...
  2. I

    Discharge to 10% then Full Charge for Battery Health?

    Last week, a Tesla mobile tech recommended that twice a month I run the battery down to about 10% capacity (30 miles or so), then fully charge the next day. He said this has been found to be good for battery health. Has anyone else heard this? What are your thoughts? This topic came up...
  3. S

    How is charging 100% really hurt the battery?

    I just got notified by Tesla delivery team that my M3SR+ is arriving by the end of this month, and I am also booking their authorized tech to install the home charger at my office. I live in an apartment where I cannot install the charger, so I can only install it at work place. I have read a...
  4. 9erDog

    Charging to 100%

    Just charged to 100% today and typically do it a couple of times a year. Made me wonder how often others are doing it. I’ve had the car since 6/3/2018 and driven 18.5k miles. Noticed about 1% battery degradation which isn’t bad at all. My signature has my configuration. Please respond to...
  5. gnuarm

    Top 10% does not provide as many miles?

    I don't typically charge to 100% as a matter of course. Then when I do, the car typically is not warm when I start a trip. So it can be hard to judge mileage of the initial 10% of charge. Recently though I was on a trip where I charged close to 100% a couple of times and got back in the car...