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12 v

  1. P

    Help finding a non destructive alternative to a wire tap to power accessories only when car is in use, but not when parked (even with Sentry active)

  2. D

    Switched 12v on a march/2020 model 3

    Hello, I hope someone can help me here. I know there are many posts like this but none have helped me. I am trying to hardwire a radar and am having no luck. I can’t find the normally mentioned red wire in the big loom of cables but I have a ton of pink wires. I found a thin red one not in the...
  3. C

    Hv battery replacement

    Tesla is trying to say my hv battery needs to be replaced because of dead cells in the battery. I had no sudden battery degradation. Charging worked fine. I got error codes about the 12v and my car would not go into drive but my battery stayed full. They took it in and said the coolant pump and...
  4. M

    12Volt trunk/Frunk Cable Routing on 3D.

    I have a project goal to add 12Vdc power ports to both the Frunk and Trunk areas. I have seen @Ingineer's videos regarding harvesting the available tap on vcLeft. Was wondering the following: Does anyone have experience/insights into optimal cable routing paths to bring 12Vdc to the frunk and...
  5. E

    Using 12v devices in camping mode

    I'm having a MS for a weekend and I need my 12 v => 240 v inverter running in camping mode. I've done this when I'm NOT charging, but how about when charging and using camping mode on Remote S? Anyone tried this?
  6. Electric700

    12 V Portable Battery Charger

    Has anyone tried one of these before (link below) for the Model S? Amazon.com: Portable Auto Jumper - Jumpstar: Automotive